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  1. igride

    Best First Person Shooter you ever played

    Goldeneye: Source for sure. It's basically Goldeneye 64 with better textures, better models, and online multiplayer. Plus they're adding some new maps that weren't in the original GE that feel like they belong!
  2. igride

    Who Loves Sonic Adventure? xD

    I played the first one, but not the second. the first one really doesn't hold up as a modern game though. It controls jankily, looks kind of bad, and the voice acting is awful. Plus there's very little or no sense of speed in it, unlike some other sonic games. I do, however, really like what they did with some of the Dreamcast Sonic zones for Generations. City Escape is awesome in Generations.
  3. I have multiple characters and each is a different race. My mage is a Breton my stealth/archer character is a Khajit, and my melee character is an Orc. It's really interesting to go through the game as different races to see the little things that change between playthroughs.
  4. igride

    Diablo 3?

    I'm pretty excited for it, but I've been hearing mixed opinions from my friends who got into the beta. Then again I honestly have no nostalgia for the franchise so I don't know how worried I should be.
  5. igride

    Mario Galaxy Insults Gamers

    I honestly didn't notice anything amiss with it until now. I highly doubt it was intentional. It's still silly all the same.
  6. igride

    Assassin's Creed III Annoucement Trailer

    I'm really excited but I can't help but wonder if I should play Revelations first or not I've heard extremely mixed reviews on it and wonder if I should pick it up if it's in a bargain bin before getting III.
  7. igride

    So who here likes Star Ocean?

    I've always wnated to try a Star Ocean game but I never really got the chance. Maybe in the future eh?
  8. Contra (NES) two up two down left right left right B A start! other than that I don't remember cheating on any games really except for fun after I'd beaten them already.
  9. igride

    best games for music

    My favorites are as follows (no particular order) Shadow of the Colossus DustForce Bastion Dark Cloud Dark Cloud 2 Zelda: Skyward Sword MegaMan 2 my favorites of all time are DustForce and Bastion. They both have AMAZING soundtracks
  10. igride

    Super Smash Bros Brawl

    as reluctant as I am to say it, in a strict tournament sense (1v1 matches, no items, 4 stocks, 8 minutes on a non-banned stage) MetaKnight is an overpowered character. His worst matchup is against Diddy Kong which still is 55% in MK's favor. That said, without metaknight Brawl is more balanced than Melee or even Smash 64 were. It may have some different mechanics that make the game somewhat uncomfortable to play, but on a pure mechanical level, Brawl is more balanced than melee is.
  11. igride

    Zelda: Twilight Princess

    Twilight Princess wasn't really my favorite Zelda game (that title belongs to Majora's Mask) but it is really good and everything I expected from a slightly darker, more mature Zelda title for the time it came out. I maintain that the Gamecube version is better only because it plays better with a gamecube pad compared to the Wii remote.
  12. igride

    The War of the Consoles!

    It's a really hard decision for me. I really love the SNES, N64, and even the GBC, but I have to give it to the PS2 just because the library of good PS2 games is SO HUGE. Seriously, a few friends and I went through and tried to list every really good Gamecube game and we came up with a number like 37 or something. It took a long time to do but was a fun exercise. When we finished we started rattling off PS2 games for fun and quickly went over 50. There's just tons of really really good PS2 games.
  13. igride

    3DS Zelda better than N64 Zelda?

    I loved Ocarina and Majora's Mask on the N64 but I admit the 3DS edition of Ocarina is the superior one. Nostalgia has its place and I still find the N64 edition of Ocarina to be a completely playable game, but there's a lot of improvements in teh 3DS edition. For example, aiming is much better with a combination of the circle pad and the gyro controls. Use the circle pad to get near your target then use the gyro controls to fine tune the shot. Iron boots are a toggle item like they were in Wind Waker which makes them much better as well. Plus it has the mirrored Master Quest built in.
  14. igride

    More Pokemon?

    It would indeed be hard for nintendo to put out a single grey version right now. If it's anything like HG/SS were compared to D/P/Pt I'll be really excited. the UI in D/p/pt was terrible compared to the HG/SS UI. If Gamefreak improves on a lot of the "proof of concept" features in B/W with the new versions it could really be a game changer.
  15. igride

    Do you remember Nintendo

    I was a bit late for the NES, but I have started to go back to some of the "classics" just to see what I missed. The MegaMan games are, by and large, really good, as are the first few Castlevania games. I have a friend who is an insanely large Mega Man fan and a game designer. going through Mega man 2 with him was an experience I won't soon forget!