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  1. What's the sad face for? lol

  2. I want those sweaters. :P



  3. Falcon-Chu! look what I found on google! it's Durarara x Chu! yay!


  4. Kida Kida Kida!!!!!!!! :P

  5. Seeing as he was a really skilled medic ninja (whatever they call it) maybe he had some abilities like Tsunade to regain his more youth appeal or did little experiments o.o, I'm just taking a wild stab. Also have they mentioned the age of Kabuto in Naruto Shippuden? o.o?
  6. *Imagines Kakashi revealing his face at the end of Naruto Shippuden* *Sees Kakashi unveiling his mouth* *Traumatised* *END OF NARUTO SHIPPUDEN* Me: ...It ended like that...???
  7. Naruto can be a little air-headed? xP I mean...I know I've said this elsewhere in another thread but when Hinata went out to save him, and she confessed her love @[email protected] Naruto... kinda blew it away, I know there were important things but at least a word from him towards Hinata's feeling would ease my feelings T.T
  8. Has the manga/anime mentioned her having a Zanpakuto o.o? anyway... it really hasn't come a time when she needs to use her Zanpakuto xP
  9. Hello , you actually got the name Brandon! aha >< nice yes I remember! haha



  10. You're in the Chu family too Ulquiorra! are you not Chu-iorra! yeah!

  11. Those Pikachu's are cute/funny =D

    Hi, Kida-kun. I'm InvaderCrimson aka IC.

    Do you remember this picture and what you said about it? (o_o)


  12. When I read the thread I had to post the one I said else where here xd Name: Yunalesca (Yes I know its a FF name but I WOULD LOVE MY SWORD TO BE NAMED THIS ) Shikai Command: Shine my beauty~ Shikai Abilities: This shikai is the similar to Tskushima's weapon. Yunalesca's special abilities is that the tip of the sword can emit a light and when the sword tip touches another person with a Zanpakuto, the sword will absorb all of the users knowledge of its Zanpakuto BUT the user still has memories its just that Yunalesca has inserted her memories (or mine as well) into the sword making the sword obey me as well WOO! I hope this was creative... What it would look like: Bankai name: Chere Yunalesca (Chere means Dear in French ) Bankai Special Abilties: The sword itself glows in brightness and it won't stop getting brighter and eventually the sword fades. After the enemy has no vision of the sword and the sword itself can be controlled through the users mind. The Second ability would be that the sword latches onto both the users arms creating bright blade arms. How's that for my 69th post xd ~
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