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  1. Guy With Face

    Design Your Ninja Costume

    I would have a black and silver outfit with a giant golden shuriken on the back.
  2. Guy With Face

    Other uses for jutsus (other than fighting)

    Sexy jutsu for strip clubs
  3. Guy With Face

    Did you like the Disney part of Kingdom Hearts?

    I liked it because im a Final fantasy fan and it added something else peoplecould relate to.
  4. Guy With Face

    Just Wondering.

    It flows it ok i wouldn't say it was spot on but its ok
  5. Guy With Face

    Naruto and Sasuke

    Naruto has enough power to make him submit. Plus you know Sasuke wants to go back to the leaf.
  6. Guy With Face

    [術] Jutsu

    Sexy Jutsu Shadow clone Shadow paralysis
  7. Guy With Face

    Favorite character voice in Naruto?

    Kakashi all day
  8. Guy With Face

    Ichigo's Next Power Up!

    I think he might get like a hollow banki or something awesome like that.
  9. Guy With Face

    Chad useless?

    Well chad did take out like one or two real deal enemies. I think that he is just there so that when ichigo goes back home he doesn't have to face hollows alone
  10. It would probably be like a massive great sword with two skulls on it. Because when you see hik relase sprittual enery its shaped like a skull
  11. Guy With Face

    Question: Am I The Only Who Can't Stand Orihime?

    See is pretty useless. Her attack strengh is low. And sure she has good healing powers. But thats what squad 4 is for.
  12. Guy With Face

    Favorite Bleach Song?

    My favorite intro is Velonica.
  13. Guy With Face


    What's up Im just you average Guy With Face. I came to this forum because I heard it was the Best place to get anime info. So Yeah. I guess thats it. If you know any good anime please tell me because I only want to watch the good stuff.
  14. Guy With Face

    One Piece vs. Fairy Tail

    I think Fairy Tale Would end up winning Natsu was taught by a dragon I think he could beat a guy training in the woods
  15. Guy With Face

    Luffy far too weak?

    I think that your right. It would be cool for him to get better skills faster. He is a pirate and should have a whole arsenal by now.