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  1. I hate shovelling snow! We had close to 20cm yesterday and last night. Then the snow plow goes by and leaves this huge mountain at the end of the driveway, packed solid. Took 2hrs just for that. I'm sick of shovelling.

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    2. DarkRavie


      Who else will do it for me. Hubby would, but he's at work and to park he needs the driveway clear. Plus in a way it's good exercise for me.

    3. HeavenlyClassic


      thats cool..he he get it? cool... xD

    4. DarkRavie
  2. Darn it! Hubby transfered his cold to me! Now my throat is sore, I feel achy and tired. This sucks!!!! Okay, rant over.

  3. Just put my meatloaf and blueberry bread in the oven.

  4. Raise your hand if you're tired of all this snow. *DarkRavie raises both hands and waves them maniacally shouting "ME!!! ME!!!!*

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    2. Vande


      Rain yes, not had any snow yet.

    3. DarkRavie


      Rain would not be good for me, it would melt the snow too much. I live in a trailer and the snow is packed all around to help insulate the trailer.

    4. Tanis


      No snow here.

      Wish we had some.


  5. Having a slow day just browsing the net. Haven't started watching any new anime yet. Maybe tonight I will.

    1. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      I know that feeling, internet can be too distracting sometimes.

  6. Okay, I finally finished watching the last episodes of Angel Beats! and have to admit, I was wrong. In the beginning I couldn't see where the story was going but after watching episode 10 I finally got it. And like you all said the ending was excellent and I will be re-watching this anime again now that I understand the story better. So to give your due, you all were right and I was wrong. ;-)

    1. Kenzou


      I was like that at first until I watch more and more of it and it finally understand the story and characters in it. and I'm glad you enjoy it.

    2. Dijmon


      And that's why I watch all the anime thru the end just in case

  7. Wacthed 9 episodes of Angel Beats and am disappointed in it. Not as good as I thought it would be.

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    2. Kenzou


      I did shed some manly tears at the ending though.

    3. Air King

      Air King

      Very true see it to the end as last episode is worth it ... best of them all ... excellent ending

    4. Dijmon


      Just see it thru the and then tell us how you feel

  8. Anime, Anime, Anime....

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