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  1. Just downloaded the series. Gonna watch it through now. Yay!!!
  2. Ghibli films are what originally got me into anime, and when I watch them back I feel really calm and relaxed. Those films are a pixelated hug. Anyopne agree with me?
  3. Awesome game. Would make an even more awesome anime
  4. Only just found out about the sequal. Don't know where they're gonna pick up from but I'm psyched either way.
  5. Haven't seen Eureka7 in time. But when I went thorugh it I thought the storyline was awesome. Seem to remember it getting a bit vague towards the end. But the animation was epic. The dub wasn't to bad either. Renton had a really annoying voice though.
  6. Black Lagoon rocks, didn't even know there was a third series. Gonna have to watch the first two series through again before the third though. Is the dub version any good?
  7. Trailer for this looks sick!!!! Gotta get this one!!!!
  8. One word......................Shadowmere!!!!
  9. Ryu would Dragon Punch SubZeros' face off!!!!!!
  10. Khajit.................always!!!! The night eye power is really useful for stealthy missions, and it means you don't have to occupy one hand holding a torch. Couldn't live without my Double Daedric Daggers!!!
  11. Last Anime series I watched through was FMAB..............................and it was awesome. One of the best series I've watched in ages. Ran through it with English subs, then the dubbed version. Both were epic, but I think as always I'm gonna have to swing towards the subbed version. Shame it ended when it did, but I suppose it had to finish sometime.
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