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  1. dlogie


    Yes thats right, the look and all the stuff they have done and it will have a long run, I like the few of them I see of that show.
  2. dlogie

    Sekirei season 3???

    I remeber something about there talking about another one I think. See it some were. google it and see what you can find about it on line, email the companys that put it out to see might work too.
  3. dlogie

    Dance in the Vampire

    Was a wide open ending for sure and left it like there should be, it got smacked by fans saying they did not like for it was not as grafic as the manga and Funmation all most did not release it I hope they do another season of it.
  4. dlogie

    Eureka Seven Discussion

    like the Opening and ending too, so much there on all my iPods and I lisen to them wile I work sence I can, makes the day go by faster. I like the hole thing and the over all way they did the amine, never looked at the manga, I realy should start reading the one of the shows I liked.
  5. dlogie

    Gun X Sword

    Well as to the Cowboy Bebop it's the same voice star, so makes a little sence that might come across as same. It was a little hard on the watcher for the plot ya.
  6. dlogie

    Air Gear

    Ok I liked this one and did not buy if becase it was well done, but just one season more seasons means If they do them I will have to go get both of them, I like the ones that have some staying power and give you at least 2 seasons of stuff to watch.
  7. dlogie

    Black Lagoon - Anime Discussion

    I owen this one will be looking forward to see what happends and pick it up, like it alot glad to see there will be more out there for this one.
  8. dlogie

    Soul Eater Remake?

    I like Soul Eater as well and was a soft ending were they left off, so yes seeing more would be good, the way it they did it up the off beat look was part of it's charm.
  9. dlogie

    Is "Lucky star" any good?

    Hummm, ok was thinking about look at that one too, I like hearing the opening scores and ending ones, I will have to take a look at it too, thank you for the show, heads up.
  10. dlogie

    Is It So Wrong? And Who Thinks This Way?

    Well every ones like difff stuff, nothing so wrong with it I watch it like some of the stuff you watch not see all of the titles you were talking about, I try and see the show that have the voice stars I like in them give them a try and if I find them not to my tasts I stop watching them, after all watching what we like is all we can do, helps us all kill some time.
  11. dlogie

    how do you choose a good anime?

    Well the stuff you see on the title help, the write up give you an idea, the problem is they all end like there going to do another season and never do, all most some come back 4 to 5 years later with a second season. It's what you like see one that will interest you watch it, I seen some that get hated reviews and found it fine and liked it for the story watching for the voice stars I like. Dance in the Vampire Bund is one that just stoppes like there is more. It'a what I like to call a snap shot amine, a pic is worth a 1000 words so they run out the 1000 words and just stop, this stops short of what you would like to see. Good thing there some out there each year worth watching or in me case like the storys and stars, what you see some time falls short.
  12. dlogie

    Speeding Up Downloading ???

    Well there are some out there, you can run throught a proxy server to speed you up uTorrent some others, pay for a stadic IP address from your internet provider will speed you up too, that one is around $10 a month , they might be free ways to run a stadic IP not sure about that
  13. dlogie

    most awesome kill or death in an anime?

    It a death sean, from Negima!? of the main lady char, North Amarica one, Hellsing OVA 4, had one that I found very stricking too.
  14. This looks to be an interesting new release 60 min the real Q is will there be others, for this title any one know?
  15. dlogie

    Shakugan no Shana III

    Like so many of these there is alot on the topic they trun into a show 25 books if I remember right. It's truns out that they are very young or char that acting young for them, I like that this one has staying power and has 3 seaons that is all ways a good sign. If it turns you you like it will take some time to get throught all them, help you kill some time. Hopefully not a wast of time.