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  1. Tidus

    Back perhaps

    Of course not, I just think it was one of those messages that got past the spam filter
  2. Tidus

    Back perhaps

    Of course you don't think it was spam But I lost the link to this site, along with alot of others, having deleted well over half of my bookmarks.
  3. Well I had a few friends at school who played Final Fantasy, and having got a PS1 not too long ago, it looked like something I would want to try out. Needless to say, I went and rented Final Fantasy VIII and got to Linblum where I got stuck at a simple place of no great importance... or maybe it was the Forbidden forest where I got stuck... not sure... but I beat it several times since then.
  4. Tidus

    Back perhaps

    Well I might be back, if any of you should remember me. I received a spam email from Koby the other day about this place and its new name, or something like that. Anyways, thought I'd pay a visit and perhaps stick around for awhile.
  5. Wow my computer is so slow today. (goes critic) lol It looks good. Thanks
  6. Well, could the text be bigger? The background looks good though for what it is gonna be used for Just a big text is what I need, sorry for not specifying.
  7. Tidus

    Car Crash

    Well, about 3:15pm Friday, I was trying to slow down and turn and skidded on ice. I was thinking, 'I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it' about a second later i am thinking 'Oh no, I'm not gonna make it' but I was turning into the street my house is on and I couldn't slow down because I was skidding, so when I managed to be able to slow down I was hitting the brake and turned my wheel to the right the best I could, but still got him. I almost hit the middle of his door though, which would have been bad and Monday the whole school will be asking me what happened cause one of his daughters is in my grade. This time the guy, like most people, was not in the middle of the road like most people are. Thats good for him. If that was so, it would have resulted in a pile up most likely. anyone got any stories?
  8. Text:TCI Sub-Text:Making sense of music. Size:350x140 Images:No need for images, just a Blue background with Silver or Gold lining/border Color Scheme:Blue background with Silver or Gold lining/border Kind of Graphic:Sig Things to Avoid:.... Other Comments:Nope Text:The Curse Infinitum Sub-Text (Other text): Size:88x140 Images:None needed Color Scheme:Red and Silver/Gold Kind of Graphic:Advertise bar Things to Avoid: Other Comments:nope
  9. Well, this site has slown down, and for myself, I plan to become active again.
  10. I got the rergular because I did not have enough for any other lol
  11. Thats is kinda sad if you had to do that. There is a little bar that has to be filled and if you are to far from the target it will not attack. I know it can be a hassle though. But the system takes getting used to. I personally would like a system like the FF7 Dirge of Cerberus to try out, but I like turn based system and continuous turned based as well.All depends on the person playing.
  12. I have the regular game, just got it recently, and its great so far. I don't know if the collectors edition is worth it unless the price is about the same. Depends on the person, but I probably would have got it if I had had the money at the time.
  13. Me... FF7, FF9, and FF10 lol but mostly 9 or 10
  14. Needs to be better! lol Better than it use to be...
  15. Ever play Dirge of Cerberus? It goes more into vincents background. No, but I would like to get the game. I've heard from a lot of people that have played it that it was a pretty good game, despite early reviews for it. It has a really different fighting style than the games I have played, 7-10.2. It is good, but does have some downfalls. Great Graphics, Great Gameplay, Great everything I think.
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