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  1. your one of the first members so happy birthday!

  2. Louis Le Vau


    Welcome to FM Roxas-Kun! Woot woot for Roxas! lol Hope you have fun here and enjoy your stay here. See you around! Oh would you mind if I called you Rox? lol
  3. Yes yes, happy birthday again koby! Hope you have fun and get good things (MONEY!!!!!) for your birthday.
  4. Welcome to Forgotten Memories Solangel. Great to have you here with us. Hope you have fun and all that good stuff. See you around and be sure to read the rules (or lets just pretend you did cause i don't think people do.) By the way, happy 18th birthday koby!
  5. Welcome to forum Dinkleman. Hope you have fun and enjoy your stay here. Remember to follow the rules and try not to get on peoples bad side. See you around.
  6. Yeah i think that a vBulletin would be good for the forums. If you say it's more safer then a IPB then i say get it! That means less hackers ruining the fun for us. Plus there are good mods out there too for the vB (like rpg mods). Hmm... but of course this is all an opinion from a local forumer.
  7. my words exactly. Though it kinda looks like your Beatles signature, It's still awesome.
  8. Welcome to FM. Hope you have fun and enjoy your stay here. Remember to follow the rules and try not to get in any trouble. See you around the forums.
  9. I did this about 2-3 weeks ago? I forgot but some here may have seen this elsewhere. I think it's kinda dark, and there is a green dot on there too. At first i liked it, but then not anymore. yes the stock looks like shitzu because i was impatient when i made this. What do you think?
  10. here's mine peoples. i made a new one because I was sick of having lots (more then half) of people who i don't talk to on my profile. feel free to add though. http://www.myspace.com/181190865
  11. Happy Birthday to me. As of today I am now seventeen years young. But i'm now seventeen years closer to dieing. Now that I think about it, time has been slipping away so fast. Well just wanted to let you all know.
  12. yes i used to be known as roxas, now as autoplay, then something weird later on. you'll find out soon enough. Maybe I've seen you then around the forums sometime not too long ago, I probably just forgot. You may have seen or heard of FM's ex-layout designer SH_Kairi aka Kupo. She's my best amiga. lol Though that was a while back. anyways, welcome back, again.
  13. hello! i'm autoplay! nice to meet you! hope you have fun here and enjoy your stay here. see you around the forums! ;D
  14. I think i've seen this before a while back at SI or i may be on crack! lol This is a really great sig actually! It's the only original Legend of Dragoon signature i've ever seen! At least in my short forum life. lol I actually like the text on this one. Though your signature is a little too bright but very well done.
  15. LIER!!! 8D I'm just kidding. Well, Welcome back to FM. I don't think i've seen you around here yet till today. Nice to meet you.
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