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  1. I do want to play P3P. I also enjoyed P3FES, but the battle system is so bad compared to P4. Why can't I control you Aegis... >.>
  2. I'd have to say Persona 4 because it's got a great battle system, an awesome soundtrack, and unique characters. ^.^
  3. I love (most of the) Sonic games. Adventure 2 happens to be one of my favorites.
  4. Romance, comedy, and action... Lots and lots of action... xD
  5. Metronome users only, makes for a unique battle. (like clefairy) ^.^
  6. Tales of Vesperia is an awesome game, but I have the Xbox 360 version, (the incomplete one). Overall its a fun game. ^.^
  7. Why can't Ash catch them all? Like he said he would in the first season.
  8. I went with DS/3DS, but I think i should have went with ps2, cause i use that more often at home. only reason i chose ds/3ds is cause it's portable (im not counting psp.)
  9. I definitely agree with you there. Most, almost all, of the songs in the Persona series is incredible.
  10. seems cool, cant wait to try one out. ^.^
  11. I want Skyward Sword. Legend of Zelda for the win~
  12. I don't think there needs to be a Black/White 2, BUT they do sound very cool and it would be nice to see what the story plot would be like. If it's the same as the 1st Black/White, I'm gonna be so disappointed. >.<
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