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  1. Loved till the end of time and yeah sorta matrixy but not the same and still good makes you think of the origin of all things
  2. I forgot one of the best xenosaga ;p play it if you dissagree EPIC in every way
  3. indeed they are evil D:< btw nice siggy love that series anyways my fave chars deffinately kurama was a great anime and solidly finished unlike a lot these days D:
  4. start it in james time and end it with harry kids growing up that way you get to see it from when darkness is growing (james time at school) to where the first war starts and ends with season two being after harry beats voldy as a baby then make season two harry growing up and going to hogwarts and beating voldy again and finally) third and final season seeing how everyone recovers and watching harry and friends kids growing up O: would be awesome
  5. if someone rated rouroni as one of the worst they havent watched many dubs lol try guin saga makes rurouni look pro dont get me wrong the voice acting was trash the story however was among the greatest there is i suggest watching it in subs >> anyways yuyu was good then we got ourselves dbz was greatly dubbed add code geass and fma/fma brotherhood ranma 1/2 hilareous
  6. alright we all know final fantasy automatically goes in here lol but i bet not many of you know about the atalier series it too has great music then add in okami and the tales series (sometimes ;p) and my best list is done for now whats your series ?
  7. first anime i ever watched back when i was a kid was sailer moon back when it was on tv i was a lil kid then only saw part of an episode and didnt know what it was didnt see another till a bit later which was dragon ball followed by a bit later carcaptor sakura then hamtaro when i was stuck in a hospital for a long time lol wasnt till toonami that i really got into it and found out what it was
  8. pokemon special just after they found out about giratina
  9. id do something about the people in the gov who dont do their jobs id use it to make them write do your jobs once in office work for the people or die if they dont the predecessor repeats the message and then dies
  10. wish id known it just stopped i spent a week looking for it D:
  11. darkaile

    One Piece

    i like how the fillers dont feel like fillers they feel like part of the storyline itself you get the feeling they try to make every episode as engaging as possible
  12. in no particular order star ocean 3 cause it makes you really think about the origins of all things (or at least it did for me) final fantasy X simply put the storyline was awesome and the charactors great final fantasy crystal chronicles ring of fates one of the greatest and most memorable stories ive ever had the great fortune to experience skies of arcadia legends original story and setting and the charactors make you feel for them and their plight tales of symphonia this one was great they had a great story full of morality and betrayal that made you think about ethics and discrimination (not to mention it was fun ;p) lost oddysy great story and charactors (they even had lilian from rugrats xD) and the thousand years of memories where a great read the original dot hack series this is a truly brilliant storyline and the charactors are top notch halo the story was truly engaging and interesting and it was one of the first shooters to have a storyline starcraft (singleplayer naturally) great storyline and you actually wanna know what happens next (then they make you wait ten years) > well i for one cant wait till the next expansion for 2 come out and last and equal to the rest baten kaitos voice acting sucked no denying it storyline however increadibly awesome
  13. up first is skies of arcadia dunno about you but this was one epic game specially the gc version this was back before floating islands where cliche great story memorable charactors and engaging gameplay with nice graphics for its time next we have the always controversial megaman legends series now i know there where issues with controls and its graphics where blocky at best but it had a great story and the voice acting was great and the controls werent THAT bad it was easily playable and that pink haired juno was awesome as a boss anyone else reminded of micheal jackson? and last but not least final fantasy mystic quest on the snes not part of the main titles but a great ff game i urge you to dust off or aquire a snes and this game because this one has a great storyline and for its time great graphics as well
  14. if moneys no object always go for the newest if it is get an older but i doubt the older could play all the newer games like the new one would be able to once its hacked O_o
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