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  1. bige33

    One Piece

    I remembered watching it occasionally when I was younger and enjoyed it as far as a cartoon on cartoon network to watch after dragonball z. But years later when i started watching shows online i saw it and was like ehh i don't want to watch it since its kinda just a younger kids show. Then I decided what the hell and started watching. I could not believe how much different it was! I have watched through the series as far as it is now in the english subs and i have never once gotten bored with it. Definitely one of the best shows of ALL TIME!
  2. bige33

    Whats the D

    Not sure exactly what it is but clearly it is a very important thing. Considering the king of the pirates, luffy, ace, luffy's dad, garp, etc. all have the D and they are some of the most bad ass characters.
  3. Buggy is a good character when he wants to be. I liked him in parts of Impel down a lot more than earlier on. His improvement was NOTHING compared to Bon Clay's though. He was frieken awesome during Impel down.
  4. I picked Kizaru just because of his awesome powers even though he is annoying as hell and pisses me off. Aokiji is the nicest one out of the 3 even though I don't find his powers that cool (other than being able to travel on top of the ocean) and Akainu is just a bitch who needs to get beat up badly.
  5. He would make a great addition but I just don't see him being part of Luffy's crew. He doesn't really bring anything new to the table in terms of each member of the crew working towards a specific goal. A big part of Luffy's crew is that each one of his members have their own reasons to be on the journey.
  6. bige33

    One Piece

    For a second I didn't believe the hat one but then I do remember Rayleigh saying Luffy is worthy of wearing the hat.
  7. bige33

    One Piece

    Such an amazing show. I would feel bad giving it anything less than a 10.
  8. bige33

    One Piece

    Gotta say the lightning fruit that one admiral has is amazing. I would love that one.
  9. Blackbeard Hawkeye Donflamingo Jinbe Boa Hancock Kuma Crocodile Moriah
  10. I'm in the middle of watching through all the dubbed episodes again and I love them just as much as the first time I watched them. Even though I've seen all the episodes including subbed up to the current releases I can't wait to watch the CP9 arc in dubs!
  11. I'm gonna have to say that at this point in the show we don't really know what Luffy is completely capable of.. I really want to see him get into a legit fight with someone that is actually crazy strong so I can see what he can do. For all we know he could be the strongest and have more tricks up his sleeve!
  12. I need an actual straight up Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm sick of all the lame ones they come out with for the handhelds...
  13. Idk if this would ever happen since ffvii has already been available on psn for so long now. I would only accept if they completely overhauled it with new graphics and cut scenes.
  14. I didn't really care for how different it was compared to the others. It had some good ideas but didn't execute them well in my opinion
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