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  1. uo eo and eq2 ....uo has to be my fav though old school char building that and i love designing houses
  2. Argenis latin for silver lol since you used latin word for gold
  3. LOL i have alot of em and most of em are just plain crazy ..... my cooking spices all have to be in the order of most used ....and god forbid anyone mess that order up i tend to bird and dinner will be canceled until ive pulled ever spice out of the cupboard and set them back up ( a long task as i have spices im not even sure what they are for ..what does one use red seasalt for??) i also tend type like id talk and tend to yell at my games i have a need to sit with my back to a wall whatever room i sit in i was a chronic nail biter ...now im a chronic nail painter ...drives my kids nuts cuz the house always reeks of nail polish remover cuz i can paint my nails sometimes up to 5x a day ....every dish i use weather i washed dishes last or not i HAVE to rewash after taking it outa the cupboard theres many many more ....my ocd tends to make me never a boreing person to live with...ask the kids they spend most thier time tormenting mommy bye putting things in weird places ......oh and the weirdest craziest has to be my habit of putting things in the freezer i dont mean to and shouldnt be there
  4. hmm toss up dollar per pound id say my computer i spent 1200 on it but my house cost more but then its worth goes up per year not down...rofl no way i can sell my comp in 10 years for twice what i paid for it like i will be able to my house
  5. Yo mama so ugly Bob the Builder looked at her and said "I CAN'T FIX THAT! Yo mama so old, When she farted dust came out Yo mama so old her birth certificate says expired on it.
  6. rofl so it is no longer a n64 its a super funky paper weight ...lol doesn't do alot of good with no controllers cords or games hahahaha
  7. rofl Im still using my ps2 most the games i LOVE are ps1 games ...yeah i know im an old bag and need to get with the times
  8. wow Im impressed great work makes me see mine as the infantile drivel it most likely is
  9. evlyn


    hmmm interesting ..im assuming in both of these scenario that a large part or most of the population has been wiped out?? if so then first Id find what remained of the ppl i love. Id proceed then to get as many trucks as there are adults able to drive filling one truck with nothing but gas the other trucks filled with needed food supplies, weapons and ammo ...then make for a secluded area with an untainted water supply ......wait out the following society shitstorm and hope someone somewhere brings a bit of order back to society ....if not create our own little state adding ppl we find as we go along that are willing to follow our rules and can contribute to our group \ie farmers doctors workers so on so forth
  10. evlyn


    thank you for the welcome
  11. realy?? the fact it was so different is why I loved it so much and thought they executed it wonderfully the fact you realy have to LEARN the game and experiment with different junction set ups was great. they put alot of thought into making you actually explore the game to maximize your character potentials
  12. no midnighttears your not I think this series is great ....just recently got hooked ....realy hopin they make season 2
  13. ff8 has to be hands down the best great story line good char development....loved guardian system only part I really hated was (rihona's?? spelling ?? stupid dog....and the that gf that randomly pops after you get
  14. card game for the win in ffVIII that and the Chocobo mini games
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