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  1. Kurt Zisa, Srly looks cool and is agile. Invisible otherwise =)
  2. Final fantasys on Playstation: 9, 10, 10-2, 12 , 13 Pc 7, 8 NDS 3, 4
  3. FFX killing all bosses without aeons (this included all optional bosses), WOW this was annoying at times. I would hate to try something like No aeons, No level up, no overdrive, no items, no magic. or any combo of them.
  4. You have Chesee Toastys Right? Well my Toasty are ALWAYS, without exception Double Cheese, yes i take a normal ammount of cheese and put it on, then i do it again. o BTW, Everything can do with some chillis or tabasco sauce, hell even both. Even the double Cheese toastys.
  5. Ssangyong Musso 360z................. I'm borrowing it from my parents, I'm too poor to buy my own car =(
  6. Overall my tower computer setup, About $2000, BUT i did buy the parts separately. Otherwise My PS3 About $800 =( so cheap nowdays
  7. FF X Is my fav in the series because it is what got me into the series. Fav character is Yuna, I power leveled( her Triple Overdrive, Triple AP and Overdrive-> AP). My Aeons became godlike. FF X-2 Was good to. I Dislike FF13 i quit out on it halfway through because it was so bad. After I Finlay finished it i had a sense of achievement for finishing it.
  8. (PS1)(I have them in .iso for psone emulator, only played tactics) 1, 2 , 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,9 , Tactics, Chrono trigger (PS2)(Finished) 10, 10-2, 12 (PS3)(Finished, I don't like it as much) 13 (NDS)(3 and 4 not finished, Tactics Plating atm) 3,4 , Tactics A2 (PC)(Finnished) 7 and 8
  9. Warrenjans


    Stuffed Animals... FTW! They make good room decorations when you don't use them. My old Laptop is a good toy, Even though it is basically made out of wood compared to my new overkill desktop... I was digging around my parents shed and found my most favorite console, SEGA MASTER SYSTEM......
  10. 7,082 What up? Conversation breaker
  11. So we have 4 Answers Normally there is 25% chance of a correct guess. so the answer at the start would be A and D. But that means there is a 50% chance to get the right answer. So the answer now becomes B. BUT, that means there is a 25% chance of it being correct bringing us back to the fact that the answer is A and D If we were to choice C with 0% chance then there is still a 25% chance of the answer being correct with a random guess. Meaning A and B..... Meaning there is no way to answer this question with out resorting to the following: Drawing an Elephant in front of choice D causing us to be unable to read choice D Thus making the correct answer A (Somehow)
  12. Depending on if it is contagious or not...... If it is Find everyone i hate and give it to them If its not, PARTY HARD! and have fun.
  13. You should watch Deadliest warrior. But i go the ninja.
  14. Falling in Reverse The Drug in you is me. (Album)
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