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  1. I'm watching my girlfriend play Skyrim right now. We freakin love this game XD
  2. Haha this song is a classic. My friends were singing it when we were walking down the street.
  3. Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more ;D
  4. This song was meant to be remade. So many covers have come out of this and they tend to sound better. It's kinda funny XD
  5. I'm going to be brutally honest so don't kill me XD They have a couple good catchy songs but I feel they are way too over-hyped, that their live performance lacks when it comes to Andy's vocal range as well as the way backup seems to be off-key, that their screams are digitally enhanced too much on audio tracks but actually pretty good live, and that most people who think they're the best band in the world only follow them because of their appearance. I feel that the message they try to convey in their music is not demonstrated in their music videos, in fact, it contradicts it.
  6. It took me a long time to actually give them a chance and I'm not sure why lol.. I think the singer annoyed me at first but then he grew on me later on.
  7. I know this doesn't answer your question but my grandfather love watching Merlin haha
  8. The first one blew my mind so I am very excited for the second one.
  9. I love the Underworld movies. They stay true to old vampire lore
  10. This is one of my favorites ^.^ yFFljFuGfmc
  11. I thought this movie was quite amazing. It was very long in length, it had mysterious, exciting, funny, and dramatic elements, and the main actor did very well in performing his role. The planet's atmosphere was simply stunning as were the random and interesting creatures.
  12. That's so awesome hahaha he was a total badass about it. I need a new xbox soon sadly, mine keeps freezing
  13. I grew up watching the Harry Potter movies. I enjoyed all of them thoroughly and it is kinda sad that the series is over. At least we can always go back and still enjoy them, right?
  14. I hope soon that I'll get a really badass computer so I can mod Skyrim. I freaking love that game so much XD
  15. I don't find Rukia's voice to be that bad. I'm pretty used to it ^.^ I've watched both English and Japanese versions of Bleach and I find the English voice actors more suitable for me but there are some decent Japanese voice actors as well.
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