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  1. can anyone explain why i can't use DDL...everytime i try to go the site it comes up with internet problems?
  2. My personal choice of laptop is somthing from the upgraded acer aspire serise. it's never let me down and to a certain extent fairly cheap i got mine for around £200. still it depends on what you see and belive as reliable source, in truth i'd much rather have a towered PC somthing i can fidle with and make better.
  3. There are far too many bad ass characters to choose from but a personal favourite bad ass hero of mine is Dante from devil may cry. But my favourite bad guy bad ass has to be aizen from bleach.
  4. Personally i used to, and still do love "Hog's of war" for the PS1. anything were rick mayll is the comander is funny, just look at blackadder.
  5. I Can't say but my fat32 hardrive is full and is a 1tb.
  6. theonehell


    I would have thout they just looked like the grim reaper or the feryman for in roman and english folk lore it states that he is the guid of souls to the otherside.
  7. 2,263 so close to my lucky number:oh:
  8. Personally i like Dubbed but thats due to the fact that my eyes arn't as good i would like plus me suffering from dyslexia dosn't help. it just makes it eaisyer.
  9. The almighty questions shall be answered if you place them here mine is Who would win in a fight between naruto(shipidun) and the 4th hokage? i belive the hokage any takers the reason being that naruto depends to much on the 9 tails and the 4th has already beeten it.
  10. Yodals, I'm new here and have set this thread up in order to talk to other NOOBies. Mainly about there fav anime and cartoons along with games and funny mods. enjoy your stay and happy posting:dhh:
  11. For starts Make your own introduction thread thread...

    You should do it that way :


    D: and your account will be accepted...

  12. Don't know if it has been said but Darker Than Black is one of my favs along with : - Soal eater - Trigun - Bleach - Naruto - Wolf's Rain - Naruto Shippuden and so on. happy veiwing:dhh:
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