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  1. yu yu hakusho abridged is HILARIOUS, but that's the only one i've seen.
  2. Any Sherlockians here? Any Cumberbitches? If you haven't seen BBC Sherlock, SEE IT. Seriously. It will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.
  3. G-SENJOU NO MAOU SO GOOD but i haven't finished it yet, i have commitment issues with video games and manga and anime longer than FLCL /sob
  4. ANYONE ELSE SEEING LM.C LIVE AT ACEN IN APRIL???????? BECAUSE LJKASDLKJFDSAJ also anyone else love Exist Trace because ljkasdlkjadsaf marry me Omi also D=OUT - if you don't know them, FIND THEM
  5. I wasn't really planning on seeing it, but then I found out Angelspit was doing music for it, so now i HAVE to see it.
  6. omfg i love the manga, i hope the drama is good
  7. i'm super into the vk scene. favorites.......... vidoll (/sob i miss you) D=OUT LM.C Exist Trace - girl band ljkafdskjladjlk marry me Omi Gazette (of course) SuG Screw Vivid - <333333333333 and some not vk.... Capsule - j-electro yesplz Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - she's not a band but............. more like a drug trip. :|
  8. yes! i love 2ne1! But f(x) and Miss A are my favorite girl groups.
  9. r0cket

    Yuyu Hakusho

    Omg, my childhood. This will forever be one of my favorite anime. I have seen EVERY episode AT LEAST 4 times. ALL 4 SEASONS, ALL 195984875 EPISODES. oh but i didn't watch the movies because the voice acting was different and it broke my heart. i love hiei and kurama so hard. /swoon
  10. Samurai X is definitely number one. (Rurouni Kenshin as well, but is second to Samurai X) You know it's a good anime when music from the show can make you cry. /sob I also loved Samurai Champloo. It was fun. Creative style.
  11. i prefer subs, for many reasons, but one of the main ones is that it helps me practice my japanese and i can trick myself into believing it's almost like i'm studying, lololol. but i also like the original voices because those are the ones the creators intended, so i feel they are closer to what the character is supposed to sound like. there are some dubs i don't mind, but some definitely do sound cheesy to me. usually the dubs that i like are anime that i watched when i was young and first got into anime, so all i knew was dubbed anime. if i'm going to rewatch cowboy bebop, dragon ball z, yu yu hakusho, etc. then i'm going to watch it dubbed. there are some that i can watch dubbed or subbed, doesn't matter which. FLCL is one of those. Both are excellent. Then there are some that the dub is just sad. Like Prince of Tennis. The japanese voice acting is EXCELLENT and fits the characters soooooo well, but the dubbed is horrible and all the voices sound the same and don't fit the characters at all. so yeah those are my thoughts.
  12. This is another one that I started watching and haven't gotten around to finishing, due to life though, not the quality of the anime. i LOVE this one. i love dark anime so i'm always eager to find a good one. though the main dude is kinda whiny... i still like it. the plot is really cool. must watch more! oh and yuno is crazy as BALLS.
  13. i love this show! i think it's fantastic! i mean, it's not my all time FAVORITE, but the art is gorgeous, the music is awesome, overall i'm enjoying it so far!! though i'll admit i haven't watched it all yet. but i like it! i wouldn't go so far as to say that it has "no originality," i mean, any anime out there is going to have another one that's some what similar. lots of anime have similar elements.
  14. genre, then art, then plot, and then recommendations. though sometimes recommendations come first. i like sites that say "if you liked THIS anime then watch THIS one" etc.
  15. Doesn't offend me. I love boobs as much as the next person. sometimes the harem type shows and super fan service planet type boob shows can be over the top though....... but hey, whatever floats your boat
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