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  1. DDLAnime was great while it lasted due to its very fast servers. Even so, XDCC will eventually replace torrents and cyberlockers, but for now I'm gonna keep using Jumbofiles until I find a faster host.
  2. [url=http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?p=274038] [JF] [Doki/Joseole99] Angel Beats! Complete [BD-720p] [Hi10p] [Dual-Audio] [/url]
  3. Hi.

    I have a question.

    What is Gil: ##### [Check]

  4. [Fulfilled]

    It's up now [url=http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?p=259190] [Multi] [TCL] Ouran High School Host Club [BD-720p] [Dual-Audio] [/url] I'm uploading the last two episodes to DDLA right now. They should be finished in an hour or so.
  5. [url=http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?p=259190] [Multi] [TCL] Ouran High School Host Club [BD-720p] [Dual-Audio] [/url]
  6. Thanks Koby, I should have looked there first. This thread can now be closed.
  7. If anyone has this, please upload it. Here's some info from ANN: [url=]http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=6431[/url]
  8. I'm going to start uploading to DDLA alongside Jumbofiles to help out with the bandwidth problem. The Jumbofiles servers I'll only upload to now will be in the 200 range. (the fastest ones)
  9. Ok, don't close this thread yet. I'm looking forward to Koby's encode of ef.
  10. [Fulfilled]

    I've decided to upload these to DDLA from home (low bandwidth). I might be half-way done tonight, but I'll have this on DDLA and Jumbofiles by Wednesday (At school, I'll be able to upload at 1.8MB/s)
  11. [Fulfilled]

    Thanks for the contribution hagi. Btw, did you encode these?
  12. [Fulfilled]

    Yeah hagi you should upload it. I'll upload the normal 720p by TheChaosLegion since I don't have the mini-mkv files.
  13. plz use jumbofiles or mediafire for upload if u upload ouran high school host club. thnx in advance.

  14. samurai_lord uploaded these before the server crash yesterday. He also has the links on cartoon-world. He'll get around to remaking the thread sometime on kametsu, so this thread can now be closed.
  15. Yeah some of their servers are really slow lately, especially servers in the 150s. They are terrible for uploading and downloading. Servers below 50 and above 200 are the fastest for me. I might switch to DDLAnime for my uploads in the future if this continues to be a problem.