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  1. DDLAnime was great while it lasted due to its very fast servers. Even so, XDCC will eventually replace torrents and cyberlockers, but for now I'm gonna keep using Jumbofiles until I find a faster host.
  2. Hi.

    I have a question.

    What is Gil: ##### [Check]

  3. I'm going to start uploading to DDLA alongside Jumbofiles to help out with the bandwidth problem. The Jumbofiles servers I'll only upload to now will be in the 200 range. (the fastest ones)
  4. plz use jumbofiles or mediafire for upload if u upload ouran high school host club. thnx in advance.

  5. Yeah some of their servers are really slow lately, especially servers in the 150s. They are terrible for uploading and downloading. Servers below 50 and above 200 are the fastest for me. I might switch to DDLAnime for my uploads in the future if this continues to be a problem.
  6. The art style, animation for fighting genres, and plot development are pretty amazing for most the anime I have seen so far.
  7. Lucidus

    Yuyu Hakusho

    This is my favorite series of all time. It kept my interest level high the entire watch through to the end. It IS better than dragon ball z because it isn't repetitive(another super-powered bad guy that only wants to destroy the main character.) Yu Yu Hakusho is expertly deceitful in the fact that you think the ending to arc is gonna end with a dark mood right until the final episode or two of that season (for me at least.) My favorite character is a tie between Yusuke and Hiei. Yusuke doesn't take crap from anyone and is very vocal about it, whereas Hiei just kills anyone who stands in his way, without taking the time for small talk.
  8. I rate them based on development of romance and sometimes comedy, as well as how those two are executed. I usually like them all.
  9. Lucidus


    It was the first anime I watched since I was a kid. It's pretty unique, one of my favorites.
  10. It doesn't affect my free time as much as I thought it would. I just do all my homework in the breaks between classes and have tons of free time when I get home. Exam weeks, though, kill my time dedicated to watching anime.
  11. Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho were my favorites when I was a kid, but I never got to finish them. I recently finished both and thought they were both great so then I started watching all sorts of anime. Yu Yu Hakusho remains my favorite anime to this day.
  12. Chrono Trigger, Dissidia Duodecim, and Skyrim.
  13. It might bottleneck your card a little. You could use an upgrade to your ram and you might be able to overclock your processors a little more to lessen the bottleneck. Good luck.
  14. Haven't played much of both, but it seems the battlefield franchise brings something new to the table with every release while modern warfare is the same iteration every other year.
  15. I still haven't gotten around to beating the last few bosses in Devil Survivor. I'm surprised Atlas put so much choice into the game. Gotta beat this soon. What's the best persona game? I've been told they're good, but I need a place to start. Thanks.
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