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  1. Hello my account was banned how can I use it again? This is what I get * - IPv6 is available at irc6.xertion.org * End of message of the day. * There are 165 users and 157 invisible on 14 servers * 19 :operator(s) online * 99 :channels formed * I have 40 clients and 1 servers * Current Local Users: 40 Max: 41 * Current Global Users: 322 Max: 365 * xertion-hbmh9r.res.rr.com :is now your displayed host * chakaboy1991 sets mode +x chakaboy1991 * chakaboy1991 sets mode +w chakaboy1991 * Received a CTCP VERSION from DenServ * Cannot join #Kametsu (You are banned).
  2. I also bought a premium account but the speed is the same...oh my internet connection is fast by the way. I living far from US. Do you think this is the cause?
  3. Do you know where can I download the s2 of this anime? I've been for this one but I can't find it
  4. I got fooled by this anime
  5. claymor but the ending is a cliff hanger
  6. ano himita hana is not dub yet but this anime is good oh and blood c also.
  7. When I look at her... I see a doll
  8. Is this anime good enough to watch... coz' i'm planning to download this one
  9. Yeah I hope so... there are still a lot of monsters to kill...the ending is not that good
  10. anko and sasuke oh another one....hmmm sasuke and the partner of zabuza...
  11. whitney cummings, I think she is a pornstar? or maybe not
  12. It never released in my country why is that? hmmmm maybe its not that popular
  13. what kind of movie he will make this time? hmmmmmmmm
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