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  1. I've always been a fan for the elder scroll. Demon Soul changed the whole genre and raised the bar to a new level.
  2. I was once a fan of Oblivion - best game ever played in those days. Waited years for the franchise to release a new name -Skyrim. But wait! Dark Soul released a month prior to Skyrim so I played and went berserk. This game set the bar so high I didn't know how to make of it. After 200 hrs of playtime I took a long break from rpgs. Finish Dead island and still have Batman (A city) to play. But wait! Mass Effect 3 is coming and surely I'm going to have a blast before...ahem....Skyrim. Damn I just lost the motivation to play Skyrim for reasons unknown. Read about it on forums and reviewed it on youtube. Beautiful game but the urge just isn't there anymore. I hate myself for being a traitor to the Elder Scroll series
  3. For those of you with this favorite genre in mind, place them in an octagon and who do think will be last standing. For a more amusing scenario, there will be no wrestling or submission allowed.
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    I mean it's not very hard but sometimes I miss a word or two. It's not exactly American or Queen's English and I wish they would have an option so I could turn on the close caption.
  5. layhoma

    PS3 vs. Xbox

    Gee wiz, I own a PS3 and I guess I take all these things for granted! The more notable advantage (IMHO) is the controller. I just feel the one with Xbox has awkward buttons and sticks that are not comfortable to grip. But of course Xbox owners would disagree because it's all about getting use to.
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    Don't get me wrong Bleach has a great history or it wouldn't last this long. That being said, I choose eye candy over story. I'm shallow and what pleases my eyes gets my vote. When I compare some really good quality of anime making, Bleach, in my humble opinion lacks behind the details compared with, lets say, ghost in the shell or dead man wonderland. I don't know how the visual quality of anime is measured in, but I compare it with HD. 1080i is less visually sharp and colorful than 720p and 720p is less than 1080p.....just an analogy. But still the story is great nevertheless. You catch my drift?
  7. layhoma

    What's up !

    WOW totally! I've been soul searching the web for quite a while and never, I say NEVER seen a community this large and this tight. The anime download section (Though I can't get access yet and don't know when I could start downloading), is a BEAST! well they all call any super computer or data base " a Beast". Just want to say this place is heaven on earth for me. And thanks for having me~
  8. I hope some of you know about the software mkv2vob, where I convert all my animie matroska file into a file playable in my PS3. I sometimes download files that claimed that have dual audio (english and Japanese). SO I configure the software where the audio extraction to be english but when the files are converted, the final product is still in Japanese audio. I tweak the mkv2vob program inside out but still sometimes it doesn't convert to English. So you think that maybe the person who downloaded the anime and claimed it to be dual is in fact not ? What do you think?
  9. Perhaps most would say they are lazy and want to draw their full attention to the screen rather than focusing on the subs. Since I'm not a veteran in watching anime, I've discovered many dubs are very cheesy and dull. So even if I watch a Japanese audio version without understanding the language, I get a sense of communications through their linguistic connotations though their high -low pitch voices whereas many english dubbed voices are flat and mono tone. Hope you get what I mean. Watching an original anime in its native audio is kind of irreplaceable.
  10. layhoma

    PS3 vs. Xbox

    Please this is not a topic to stir up fanboy fights. I am merely interested to know why people choose the console listing their good reasons. Both are good consoles so lets be civilized. As for myself, I judge greatly on what exclusive games in past track records each console releases. Final fantasy, resident evil and demon sole were some of the games that made me want to get the PS3.
  11. Newbie here. Those two got me hooked up like nicotine and I crave for more! But don't know where to look. I'm spoiled and I like anime that has great detail quality and supernatural in genre. I'm watching nothing but HD. Coming in here I know there are endless list of goodies to choose from but please offer to tell me where to start, or better yet, give me some good titles where I could start my search. Much appreciated!
  12. In my end end of the world I paid US$12 for a DLC and I'm somewhat perplexed after 2 hrs into the game. I enjoyed this game but the DLC just makes every zombie X3 faster attacking you from all sides. They don't stop coming so I don't ever get the time to loot. Kind of dissappointed. I should have started Batman AC in my shelve.
  13. layhoma

    What's up !

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty old school that means my history dated all the way back watching the 1st episode of Dragon Ball till the end of the series. Unforgettable moments with that flick! amazing. Never got myself into anime until the quality went sky rocketed like ghost in the shell. Only until recent months when I got myself into watch HD anime I got hooked. Looking forward to browse the forums and hopefully get to find some jewels in here, which I'm certain!
  14. I'm a guy and felt it's all part of the japanese culture. No complaints. But wondering if any girls out there feel degraded or offended by some of the more hardcore contents of some anime.
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