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  1. I think Soul Eater has the best soundtrack at the moment. All the tracks are fresh as.. lol I keep humming and singing them around the house
  2. Valy

    Scariest Game

    For me it had to be Bioshock. The way that granny all of a sudden pulls that machine gun out from the babys pram, and that little girl too ...freaky stuff
  3. This takes me back. I owned a Japanese Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Which was also known in Japan as the Nintendo Famicom (Famicom = Family Computer). My first game for it was Duck Hunt. The game consists of ducks that appear one or two at a time, and the player is given three shots to shoot them down.
  4. Valy

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    This is a tough one to answer and I think it really does come down to the individual. I recently watched Angel Cop in english with the english subs on and the story did seem to differ in some parts. I think for a better representation of the story japanese is better.
  5. If we are excluding immortals and DBZ then I would have to say Maka from Soul Eater she is a Meister of weapons and a weapon herself
  6. I just finished watching Soul Eater and it was so refreshing for me. I would give it 9 out of 10. It would of gotten 10 out of 10 in my books if the series had run a little longer and Maka and Soul had a smooch every now and then lol
  7. Valy

    Favorite RPG?

    Its really hard to say but my all time favorite would have to be Secret Of Mana on the Nintendo Super Famicom. Yes I know the graphics are a bit out dated but that story was huge for me back in the day. I lived in Mana for a very long time lol
  8. My favorite Anime would have to be Angel Cop,and heres what its about. In the late twentieth century, the Secret Security Force was formed to stop the actions of the communist terrorist group known as the Red May. Angel, a beautiful, yet cold woman, has recently joined the small anti-terrorist group. But her first mission will be a true test of skill, for members of the Red May are being found dead, murdered by gruesome methods. Who is causing these murders? And why? It caused a bit of political outrage in the late 80's and early 90's in the way the jewish community were depicted.
  9. Elfen Lied for sure. For me that series ended on a strange note and seemed really unfinished Although I suppose it wasnt the happy ending type anime but still I anted to see more .
  10. I have to go with Goku over Luffy. Although the series is about Goku getting stronger he clearly has a better sense of whats right and wrong. Goku wins it for me as his sense of moral integrity I think is better portrayed
  11. Valy

    Top 5 Anime

    Heres mine 1. Dragonball z 2. Requiem from the darkness 3. Bludgeoning Angel 4. Soul Eater 5. Angel Cop I know Angel Cop is old but its still one of my favs
  12. Lol I remember that show and never picked up on it but sure enough your right
  13. Has to be Goku, his sense of morals far outweighs any other character
  14. If you look at the credits of most anime all the voice actors are actually girls. Can anyone actually name a male character from an anime that actually uses a males voice?
  15. What is the most disturbing anime you have ever seen? Urotsukidoji was the most disturbing for me, Anyone else?
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