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  1. My sig is all about being cute, and it reminds me of better days when my computer wasn't broken and I could play with photoshop...
  2. Mine are brown, was born with black eyes though - my passport actually says black for eye color (got it when I was a baby). Love blue eyes on men but wish I had been born with green myself.
  3. What do you get when you cross having a baby with falling off the face fo the planet...with a computer committing suicide? This girl! I haven't been around in ages, but I'm glad to be back!
  4. I read that you enjoy Yu Yu Hakusho and I was wondering if you would be interested in joining my group? :3

  5. Yes, I've been lazy and busy lol. So I've been using older ones the past couple SOTWs...providing I had one. I'm sneaky and like to trick people and all that, watch out for my old siggyz!
  6. I searched EVERY single one that's been on since I've been a member lol. I never posted it in a SOTW before, but I did show off some sigs in a thread back in the day. That's probably where you recognize it from. EDIT: UNLESS I totally missed it when looking through the 34 other SOTWs. Just lemme know which week its in if you see it around, I'll try/find another one.
  7. Yes Leki, I love the tattoo! At first I was like..wtf is that...OH...TATTOO! Awesomesauce.
  8. I haven't participated in a while...stupid pregnancy...I don't remember ever submitting this one - but tell me if I have or whatever. Also, let me know if it doesn't fit the theme, I never saw the show and when I made the sig I didn't know who she was. But looking now I think it fits.
  9. I find Facebook to be okay for the average user...although it does suck that they own your soul when you add information to it...and that you can't delete your profile. It gets crazy (as it has for some of my 'friends') when you start adding strangers JUST to play some silly mini games or you use it to broadcast the innermost workings of your everyday life. NEW STATUS UPDATES: Jimmy (1:00 pm) - I went poop, was glorious. Jimmy (1:12 pm) - Going out for a late lunch with my gf...WOOOOT! Jimmy (1:31 pm) - *via facebook mobile* Here's a picture of our lunch! It's so yummy! Jimmy (2:49 pm) - Sorry I haven't been available, had to go grocery shopping with my mom. Jimmy (3:02 pm) - Feeling tired, will probably take a nap now. Heading out to the club tonight. Jimmy (3:24 pm) - Ack! Couldn't sleep, had to take care of my sheep in Farmville!!! Send me purple hay bales to complete my collection! etc.
  10. These people who are involved with child pornography are sick and mentally disturbed. Many of them believe they are 'loving' the children they are abusing (or filming) and that they are doing nothing wrong. This is not the case for everyone, so don't get me wrong. My point on that comment was THAT is the 'how and why' they could find children sexually attractive. I find it hard to believe that someone could believe that we (people, society, so on) only believes child pornography to be 'wrong' because society as a whole deigned it so. I believe that somewhere deep down inside of us (maybe not all of us!) there is some sort of moral compass that guides our thoughts and behaviors...although people don't always choose the correct choices, there's an instinct, or a deep knowledge that something is NOT right. Evolution definitely has something to do with it...why would we NEED to have sex with children? From an evolutionary standpoint, I can only imagine that nature sees sex as a means to an end...reproduction. (Not that I have a problem with gay or lesbian couples or whatever...we're talking children as sex objects here.) Children are unable to have children, or are just plain old not physically, emotionally or mentally ready for the task of birthing and caring for children. Even if society crapped its pants tomorrow and decided child pornography was a great idea, socially acceptable and they wanted to sell it at corner stores...that doesn't mean I'd think it was good. If society thought baseball was morally wrong, I'd think everyone was lunatics - there is no harm mentally, emotionally or physically to a child...or anyone in baseball. As Tom Hanks would say...there' no crying in baseball. Maybe baseball was a bit off base for this topic to begin with. The kinds of things these people do to kids makes me throw up in my mouth. It would take too much typing to express my thoughts on what should happen to child pornographers, molesters, etc. It happened to my mother by her step-father (although he believed her to be his daughter), and I was sexually assaulted as a teenager by my best friends' (for 12 years) father. I have calculated, concocted, jigsaw-puzzled and planned what I would do if I ever met that old pervert in person...or anyone convicted of such a crime for that matter. I have dream vigilante justice issues though, so don't follow in my footsteps. Maybe the fact that I've been a mother for 6 years now makes me a little nutty on the subject.
  11. Heh, like I said, wasn't trying to make anyone feel poopy about their work. I'm not a super-skilled artist myself and I don't know everything there is to know. It simply stood out to me as I knew the render well and easily recognized it, have used it in the past.
  12. I'm not judging' date=' and I'm not cracking on anyone's skills. I just happen to have that particular render in my files and it's the exact same except a lighter/more lacking in color. I only mentioned it because I was going to make an entry with the same render but got too busy. Otherwise I might not have noticed. I'm not in charge, it's not up to me and it's all good. Maybe you did more, I wouldn't know I wasn't there, here's what I have below. [spoiler']
  13. Hrm, I voted for one I liked...but there was one that confused me as a signature. It was simply a render where the color had been altered to a slightly different color than the original. I don't judge, I liked all the work done here this week...just wasn't sure how it could be counted as a signature.
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