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  1. It's not overrated, it's quite cerebral. I guess if people don't like thinky anime they won't like this one, as it does not involve much in the way action. It's more of a supernatural detective show.
  2. Distributing free anime and monitoring usage and what not would be a good way to gauge popularity and the possibility of success. I think the general problem is public perception of animation only being for kids, and a fear of taking risks for the distributors.
  3. Cartoon Network removed shows like One Piece of Naruto for their stupid CN Real program block, which failed hard. CW shows anime, but the good 75% of it are repeats. Same with Adult Swim, it has one show that they show new episodes of, and the rest of them are repeats. Though they are great anime, I do get tired of them. On top of that Cartoon Network seems to openly mock us. I remember that SyFy had AniMonday, they first advertised it and showed some anime I never saw before, but then they moved it to different days without mentioning it, until they finally cancelled it. Sometimes they had a stupid movie, or a marathon instead of AniMonday.
  4. I just posted my first message on the SeeD forum, and it gave me a weird error about the title already being posted already. The message did successfully post but I found the error odd. ---------- Post added at 04:51 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:49 AM ---------- I'm wondering if this has anything to do with me running Ghostery. http://www.ghostery.com/
  5. WilliamC


    Hello, my name is William, I'm 29. I used to be president of an anime club. I'm glad a website like this exists for the needs of our anime club.
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