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  1. I don't use Chrome much, can someone help me with something? I'm downloading files to F: drive but my C: memory is also going down... does Chrome also save the files somewhere or something? Thanks.

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    2. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      If not* sorry I woke up like 4 hours ago I'm a little out of it

    3. Emrys


      Thanks for the help :) I just got like 50GB back... I always downloaded with Firefox but now its doing some (moz-extension) stuff, wait... it just popped up asking me to download the app.

    4. Dab is a Cunt

      Dab is a Cunt

      you mean the browser extension? I remember it saying the browser extension supposed to fix a similar problem (when you get the out of html5 space pop up and it asks if you wanna cancel the dl or wait to resume it) but I have the browser extension and I have the same problem

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