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  1. nikki_gurlz

    I hate Naruto

    have you even tried watching the series, from episode ONE?! i used to think the same way too! all my brothers loved it! they watch it every day, even sometimes re-watched some episodes, and i would catch glimpses of the show, or sometimes watch a few minutes with them, but i never got interested! i used to think, "why do they love the show so much, it doesn't even look good", but since everybody was raving so much about it, eventually i decided to give it a try, watched the first episode and i fell in love with it! especially naruto's character!
  2. nikki_gurlz

    SPOILERS!!!!!! characters that should not have died.

    it's sad that they died, but all their deaths are meaningful in their own ways, i think their deaths, including sensei asuma??, make the story that much more meaningful and good! it's very sad, but necessary. and YES!, sakura should died! her character is probably the only one that i don't care for! the series could do without her character, very useless! it's sad how in most series, the main girl is always this useless, whinning, irritating character! =(
  3. nikki_gurlz

    Why do people like Sasuke so much ?

    Uhhhh...you mean IN the story right?! because in the story, most of the girls go all gooey-eye on him and think he's so cool and good-looking, but i think from a viewer's point, it's hard not to fall in love with naruto's character instead! Love his positive attitude of picking himself up every time he's put down, and always so cheerful!
  4. nikki_gurlz

    Who does naruto end up ?

    i hope he end up with hinata, sakura doesn't deserve him! for her, it has always been about SASUKE, SASUKE, SASUKE.....it's obvious that sakura is starting to develop feelings for naruto too, but the ways how she treated naruto, or more like ignore him, when it's obvious how he feel about her, she really don't deserve to end up with naruto at the end when all she did was pinned for another guy. but i have a feeling the author is going to make naruto and sakura end up together at the end, just because sakura has always been the main girl. also, naruto is so deeply in love with sakura, he don't see anybody else! =(
  5. nikki_gurlz

    Will Sasuke pull a Darth Vader move in the end?

    i think naruto will end up bringing sasuke back to his senses and become good again, throughout the series, naruto has this power to change people for the better, make a difference, so we'll see......
  6. nikki_gurlz

    Bleach Manga to Enter Final Arc

    the soul king sound more like a thing, animal, or useless idiot to me, considering the conversation between aizen and urahara about him. but because of it, i'm really curious what or who the soul king is, how bad can he/it be that make aizen betray soul society
  7. nikki_gurlz

    Why do you guys like bleach so much?

    definitely because of a good storyline (only referring to the main storyline from the manga), the story need to be interesting to sit through hundreds of episodes! also, most of the characters, excluding rukia, orihime, kon, and a few other useless, annoying characters.
  8. nikki_gurlz

    Will/Should Rukia achieve bankai?

    rukia is so weak, if she's able to achieve bankai, that'll be too easy. like byakuya say, bankai is supposed to be a rare feat. another point, look at renji, he may have achieved bankai, but his bankai is pretty weak too...
  9. nikki_gurlz

    What kind of bankai fits kenpachi

    maybe something a little bit evil and bloodthirsty, because that's how he is so it will fit him
  10. nikki_gurlz

    The Bleach Manga or The Anime?

    i'll say ANIME just because i don't read the manga since i started watching the anime first.....but quality-wise, the manga is hand-down the winner.
  11. nikki_gurlz

    Has Ishida gotten stronger?

    it's weird and confusing because what i noticed is that at the beginning of the bleach series when they (chad, orihime, ichigo, ishida) went to rescue Rukia, they were able to beat some of the shinigamis and captains, and as the story progresses they get stronger and stronger, however, they will battle one of the bad guys and not be able to win, however, a shinigamis or captains come in and kick the bad guys' asses like it's a piece of cake.......it's like the shinigamis and captains are weak enough to get defeated by ichigo (mostly) and his team at the beginning of the series, but as ichigo team's power grow so much throughout the series, they only barely reaching the captains' power levels....
  12. nikki_gurlz

    Bleach Manga to Enter Final Arc

    @Koby, thanks for the updates! it really does feel like the end, since everything is getting explained about most of the characters! i feel saddened by the news that the author is ending the bleach series, hopefully the final arc mean a few years! i've watched this show for many years, kinda grew an attachment to it hehe, but every series must eventually end, so hopefully all the loose ends and questions are answered, not like some anime series i've seen.
  13. i think some people feel that it should've ended at episode 63 because of the filler arcs/stories that are made for anime-only. i think people wouldn't be complaining so much if they've continued right on with the Aizen storyline. the arcs that are made from the manga are all good and interesting, however, for people who don't read the manga wouldn't know that. i recommend that anyone who start watching the bleach series late, do a quick google to find out which arcs/seasons/episodes are taken from the manga and only watch those so you won't get bored of bleach. i started out pretty late watching the bleach series too, but didn't know so i watched everything! i almost give up on bleach a few episodes into the Bount arc because it was so damn boring and dragging! but i'm glad i stick it out, because it eventually got back to the Aizen storyline and went back to the same interesting format it was episodes 1-63. but there are so many filler arcs in between dragging the show that it's no surprise people who only watched the anime felt discontented and bored.
  14. nikki_gurlz

    who would you like taken out from bleach?

    i would say ORIHIME just because her uselessness/attitude really pissed me off, but really bleach could do without KON, he's always so annoying and useless!
  15. maybe at full power, zenpachi have a better chance at winning?!