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  1. Both are indeed landmark pieces of animation. But for mine I was taken more by Ghost in the Shell. It was... Less 'in my face' than Akira felt to me. That scene at the end with Spider Tank taking on The Major sticks with me. And Ghost in the Shell has provided more talking points then Akira ever has among my group of friends.
  2. Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin. A wanderer who is constantly repenting for the slaughter of many men during one of the many Japanese civil wars, and dedicates his life to not killing and using his unique sword to protect those who cannot protect themselves. And Itachi Uchiha from Naruto. This guy takes the cake for the saying 'taking one for the team.' Becoming an outcast and allying himself with those he considers enemies to the world so he can keep an eye on them is pretty good stuff.
  3. Final Flash for sure. I remember seeing it for the first time with the Funimation dub and the epic Bruce Faulconer soundtrack. Not many shows can spend half an episode powering up for an attack and still remain gripping!
  4. Kid Buu. Oh the ruthless killing. Light Yagimi from Death Note was quite ruthless as well, from an intellect point of view. Thinking of nothing but having his father say a name at his deathbed and being distraught for the entirely wrong reason.
  5. Going with Goku. Both One Piece and DBZ were on in the mornings before school and Goku is the one who took me through school haha.
  6. Well, when I was at school it would be getting up and watching the show "Cheez TV" on Channel Ten in Australia, that had Dragonball Z, Pokemon and such on it. Then as I got older and got into my own place I found out about streaming episodes online and mates gave me the Ghost in the Shell and Rurouni Kenshin on Hard Drive to watch. So I go home and fire it up on my 55inch LED screen which is connected to my media centre. But I bought the entire Dragonball Z/GT DVD Box Sets (The Funimation first editions) out of respect.
  7. Of actual Anime I would have to say... 4. Dragonball /Z/GT Rurouni Kenshin Death Note Ghost in the Shell/ 2nd GiG I want to say Generation 1 Transformers but that isn't strictly an Anime is it? Following Naruto currently and that has a loooong way to go.
  8. Dragonball Z for me. Does anyone here remember getting out of bed before school in Australia and on Channel 10 DBZ would air on Cheez TV at 8:00am. Great times.
  9. Ino from Naruto after the timeskip. Seems that long blonde hair does it for me in real life as it does in Anime haha!
  10. I think a fair few of us wake up with Goku from Dragonball hair.
  11. Hey there everyone. Naruto for me. The whole craziness of keeping up with the original dub of the first series when it aired in Australia for a time (Oh that god-awful German opening) and finding a place to watch subs of Shippuden while keeping up with the manga as well. Then going back to catch English Dubs of the aforementioned Shippuden episodes. Good times.
  12. Rurouni Kenshin. Even though the last arc was put to manga, it still remains unanimated. They need to make it happen. A shame the fillers before the unanimated arc was not up to the Kyoto Arc's standards and brought it's production to a standstill.
  13. Haha yes! That is a perfect start. I am sure we are all very keen to see the different teams people will come up with!
  14. Hello all! I would just like to give a special thank you to the administrators and others who work on Kametsu and making available an immense amount of Anime for those of us who cannot viably watch it. (Not being shown on TV, poor internet speeds to stream etc) With that out of the way, I was thinking of posing to question to any and all that would like to answer or participate. Now using the rules that I will provide in a moment, I would like to see your own personal team made up of any and all Anime Characters that have to cross over into the same universe to confront a reality threatening peril. Now the rules are... 1) You can only choose anime characters (duh) 2) You must choose a character for each of the 5 roles corresponding and adhering with TV Tropes.com's "5 Man Band." To explain the concept of the "5 Man Band," here is an excerpt from their site... "The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. The group traditionally includes (Using a music band twist): • The Hero — (lead singer) The leader of the group. Can be clean-cut and upstanding, bold and charismatic, serious and driven, or some combination of the three. • The Lancer — (lead guitar) The second-in-command, usually a contrast to The Hero. If the Hero is clean-cut and/or uptight, the Lancer is a grizzled Anti-Hero or Deadpan Snarker; if the Hero is driven and somewhat amoral, the Lancer is more relaxed and level-headed. • The Smart Guy — (keyboardist) The physically weak, but intelligent or clever member. Often nerdy and awkward played for comic relief. Sometimes unconventionally young (early- to mid-teens). Sometimes a trickster and a buddy of the Big Guy. May be the one with all the "street" connections. • The Big Guy — (drummer) The strongman of the team. May be dumb. Or mute. • The Chick — (vocal effects, tambourine) A peacekeeping role to balance out the other members' aggression, bringing them to a nice or at least manageable medium. The Chick is often considered the heart of the group. Not always female, but the role is usually taken by the Token Girl (hence the name). Sometimes referred to as "the useless girl". Now for example, for the Anime Dragonball Z during "The Saiyan Saga" the 5 Man Band is listed as... The Hero : Goku The Lancer : Piccolo The Smart Guy : Krillin The Big Guy : Tien The Chick : Bulma Now that is an example for one Anime, the challenge is to make a 5 Man Band from any anime adhering to the above conventions that you would like to face a Reality-Threatening disaster with.... Goku working with Itachi from Naruto is the start of quite a team I would think... And Ready.... Set.... GO!!!
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