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  1. yeah that's for sure.. i always get to seed torrents that i download for a long time
  2. lemmingllama sure (excuse me for taking long to write but i usually don't look at my messages ) .. my name is cris and i am from greece.. as you said internet will never go down whatever they do i have some animes that i could upload but my internet REEEALLY sucks when it comes to uploading :(
  3. Yu-Gi (yu-gi-oh) Jaden (yu-gi-oh gx) Yusei (yu-gi-oh 5ds) Goku (dragonballz) L (death note)
  4. hmm difficult to say.. i wasn't excited for sure by the whole idea but still.. yu-gi-oh is YU-GI-OH! no matter what
  5. Akiza from yugioh 5ds .. and oh my god almost every girl from rosario+vampire :D
  6. that will be Death Note in my opinion..
  7. 1. Yu-Gi-Oh 2. Pokemon 3. Death Note 4. DragonBallz 5. One Piece
  8. Yu-Gi-Oh Bonds beyond time.. EPIC!!
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh,, Pokemon,, DragonBallz and One Piece were for sure the best!
  10. it's nice that you are up again.. i thins RS or HF are nice foo hosts and hope you can continue your hard work everyone
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