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  1. RyuGan

    Akira vs Ghost In The Shell

    Ghost in the shell in definite it has such a better plot and makes more sense
  2. RyuGan

    Weirdest looking anime characters.

    Akira from the movie Akira
  3. RyuGan

    how do you choose a good anime?

    Just have an open mind and look at the genre you like and just browse through some anime that peeks your interest
  4. RyuGan

    Bleach vs Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)

    Definitely Bleach
  5. RyuGan

    Gundam AGE

    This gundam plot is kinda weird but the gundams are pretty intense it's quite a good anime to watch
  6. RyuGan


    This anime is kinda weird but still a good anime to watch
  7. RyuGan

    What is you're fav final fastasy game or movie?

    my fav movie is advent children
  8. ichigo hollowfied because he always kicks ass in the form
  9. RyuGan

    Who's cooler?

    i'll have to say byakuya because he is just the man
  10. probably renji since he can do bankai and is one of the strongest characters in bleach
  11. i say the king should of killed him since his goal was to enter that area we should of got to see him vs squad zero and fight the captain
  12. RyuGan

    best fight in bleach

    Ichigo vs Ulquiorra
  13. RyuGan

    Favorite Captain?

    Best captain is Aizen he dominates all the others
  14. RyuGan

    Shinigami, Soul Reaper, or Death God?

    shinigami means both death gods and soul reapers in the jap anime bleach but sounds cooler as shinigami
  15. RyuGan

    One Piece

    i would say this anime is a 7 because it takes too long to get to any good parts of the anime