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  1. WAWOOOO!!1 it is relly wonderfull style ..... thanks to all the people who was working for this
  2. thankxx for added

  3. I would like to ask you guys what do thing shall I watch Phantom on English Dub or Japn dub???
  4. 1-high shool of the dead 2-Code Geass R1 R2 3-Cannan 4-black blood brothers 5-Dragon ball 6-Demon King 7-Phantom
  5. I don't know guys but in Jap they said CC .. in Eng they said C2... and when she told hem to pronounced her name it look like a droplets of water ... I got confused really ...
  6. I can't Waite to see if there is a new series of Code Geass .... what an anime ..they may release an new Manga
  7. yeh it might be the end of sharing ... we hope they can solve this soon >>>>
  8. I don't know guys yet .is File Server still woriking ?? because yesterday I downloaded an anime by using it from my friend's account !!!!
  9. immmm ..what actually guys I would rather watch the Anime on English Dub .. but immm in sens of humor .. Japanese real Anime is better like the anime ""Seto no Hanayome-- My Bride is a Mermaid""" in Japanese is awesome .. English with all respect it is not that impressive
  10. I did not read the Manga of Code Geass what do you think guys .. should I read it?? but I am already have finished the Anime..
  11. it is very nice movie ...it say the story in the very last and the most thing that I like is the music by Henry Jackman
  12. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides I never watch that movie and don't get entertainment Jack he is may favorite character ---------- Post added at 08:53 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:51 AM ---------- I bought a collection of Pirates of the Caribbean all of them in blue ray
  13. The Pirate Pay is a good site for torrent but we need people to seed not just downloading and run away if we do it we will be able to share many thing with out any restriction
  14. MegaUpload was taken down by FBI. Links no longer exist... I am still trying to find a good way to share the Anime and many data but I don't know if we can share that and the website closed and block in my country I cant even try to use my account:doubt:
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