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  1. Just wanted to know from any mac users, what apps, improvements, enhancements did you do for mac to watch your anime and any way to make downloads faster. Suggestions on torrents? atm using utorrent and i believe it is pretty slow.
  2. Dang, that would be a must!!!! I would to see that one insane killer guy in the anime xD
  3. No, lots of people grew up watching it because it was cool. I included watch Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors beside my Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. I really did enjoy Shugo Chara! even though it's pretty much childish.
  4. Yeah, tried watching the series while back, couldn't even handle to bare even one episode. I think if the visuals of the turtles itself, but I think the villains were pretty cool though, can't remember lol
  5. Hmm have to say my macbook pro, my car was passed down to me and i'm still a college student lol
  6. 1. Megaman Nt Warrior 2. Inuyasha 3. Full Metal Alchemist 4. Bleach 5. Code Geass 6. Death Note 7. Yuyu Hakusho 8. Cardcaptors 9. .hack/twilight 10. Shaman King
  7. I don't know why but: English - Rock Lee Japanese - Def. has to be Killer Bee
  8. So I recently heard about the release if Pokemon Black/White 2 and I can't be anymore excited white White and Black versions of Kyurem. Are you guys excited? Do you guys believe there are going to be more Pokemon in store, even a few counts xD.
  9. Great review, but I had a few more expressions I had more in my thoughts. Truly just one of those perfects series!
  10. HeyVinh


    Thanks everyone! I will def. go into it when I have free time when off in college haha.
  11. Really can't wait, but kind of have in order to get a 3DS. So far can't wait for the new tron film world and Fantasia world!
  12. Extravagant Challenge is getting really good! I tried reading it, but for some reason I can't get over this manga's style. I don't know why, but it bothers me and prevents me from continue reading, so I'll just continue watching the series as it goes on.
  13. I never knew we had a manga download in the forums, how long have i've been missing?
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