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    (If this is the wrong section, sorry) As you probly know i need a mysql server. i have been askin you about it but never seem to get a responce, josh said it might be becuz of your internet.so can you post the answer here? If im being annoying, sorry
  2. My site is Khsource.net i need forum staff AND site staff so go there and click on the forum icon and the PM "Luke"(me) if you are interseted
  3. Plauge


    zexion is my fav sora can suck meh balls roxas is adum(awesome with out the cliche) the org is kickass zexion is so cooooo, where u get ur sigxavi? they`re liek WOW good
  4. Great heavy metal scream-core biblical type band My favorite songs by them are, Unholy Confessions, Bat country, and Critical Acclaim
  5. Plauge

    358/2 days

    id rather it be on consols as well, not to slam the portables o anything but they dont have it that good when it comes to GFX, plus limited voice acting, and cell phone? thats just bullshi--
  6. Plauge

    358/2 days

    i dont fully understand the title but this looks like a great game Its about roxas`s time in the Org. and u get to play as other org. members Its for the ds for those who dont know
  7. Terra ven and aqua are there names, play KHFM+ and you`ll find out. The man you talking about is probably Naruma. And sora riku and kairi do make little to no appearance, learn the facts, son also that case is shopped, its fairly easy to see that noticing how low bit the colours seem
  8. Plauge


    Hi, im luke Im the Admin of khsource.net Im liek ramen I like forums I love kh I like dogs I have every final fantasy game I have every kh game I love music ( especially metal and other forms of rock)
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