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  1. Hi , I made a donation on 23rd Jan, but its not reflecting on the Forum,


    Can you please check if you received it.

    Transaction ID: 1678691039
    1. Koby


      Added. Sorry about that. It's been so long since anyone had donated that I had stopped checking the account; and since we're not a business we don't get Skrill's API code to allow the donation tracker to auto-add Skrill donations to the list so I have to do it manually. I appreciate your support! Thank you.

  2. Hi In the new forum, I have 2 things that didn't sit well with Me First, In the "Manage Followed content" the topics are sorted on the basis they were followed and not basis the Last updated. It used to be easy to search and know if there have been any post made recently on them. Second, In Some Topics the Links have changed from Line by line entry to a Paragraph entry
  3. I don't think it's your fault, or that it was even virus/malware related. Judging from the fact the culprit had intel on numerous passwords I use; I'm guessing other sites we visit were compromised and they obtained the passwords there; did a simple google search for accounts on the web with our usernames and found us; or knew of this site and thus looked for sites that may have been capable of being exploited. Either way; the issue is definitely an off-site matter, and just goes to show why everyone should always try to use separate passwords for each site they visit. Thanks for this update, I don't khow where I would have gone if this site had gone down, This is the best place to get Quality anime in dubbed and Dual Audio formats. would suggest you to change your other sites password if you haven't done that.
  4. Thanks, I am seeing familar faces here
  5. Hi Guys, I am a user from the C-W Forums, I had heard about Kametsu before as well. I had joined it but was never a frequent visitor back then. But here I am back to be a regular user.
  6. how do i register and connect to irc://irc.kametsu.com/Kametsu using Chatzilla
  7. Ichigo Kempachi Zaraki Yachiru Yoruichi Orihime Rangiku
  8. If anyone needs a invitation code please send me a PM and i'll send you the link
  9. there is no surprise to this TV now a days come with DLNA so playing files via USB is no big deal also with the help of DLNA you can play files directly from your computer over the home network
  10. Hi eyeryone my name is eyesofgod and i am the new member of this community.
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