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  1. I am having problem with the program as well, since i upgraded to new computer I cant even get jdownloader to install. At first I thought it was cuz I went from 32 bit to 64 bit but after further investigation that was not the case. I currently have no clue where to start.
  2. I watched the trailer for the upcoming season 3 and it looks fun I cant wait how could anyone not wanna watch a show about zombies.
  3. Dazoosk

    Breaking Bad

    I don't believe I could Imagine A world Without Breaking Bad this show is bananas.
  4. currently downloading inuyasha so far this show is great.
  5. I use SRWare Iron it is exactly like chrome but has all tracking and statisticle removed from it and so far all extensions and add ons for chrome seem to work with it.
  6. Thanks for the fast response yes. I believe my power supply is over 300 watts if not I believe I have one in my computer graveyard. so I think I will look into the Graphics card.
  7. Recently acquired New computer it is better then my last but my last was a piece of garbage. I was unable to play video games on the last one and was wondering if this one had any gaming potential. Thanks in advance for any response. Intel Core i5 750 @2.67Ghz 4 gigabytes of RAM (DDR3 4096 MBytes) NIVIDIA GeForce 310 (CLOCKS- Core 589MHz, Shaders 1402MHz, Memory 790MHz) ( MEMORY-Size 512 MBytes) Motherboard is dell model 054KM3 A00 OS is windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  8. an assassins creed series would be fantastic. Of course The Have made short movies already but a series would be great.
  9. my favorite number is 10 no reason just a good enough number i guess.
  10. I am currently reading the Dark Elf trilogy a fantastic series By R. A. Salvatore it Is about A dark elf named drizzt. the dark elves or drow are an evil society that for one reason or the other drizzt cannot find a place in and becomes a hunted outcast. to his benefit and their dismay he has become probably the most formidable warrior among them.
  11. Dazoosk

    Favorite Anime

    One piece but have been enjoying inuyasha lately. I actually think that my favorite changes when I am watching a new series that I like.
  12. I have no Idea nor do I care how anyone else feel about doctor who I personally love this show it is zany but also very clever.
  13. Monkey D Luffy when he's mad he gets psychotic plus he,s got no problems scrapping his own people. I guess I could also add that he has no problem punching women children and animals.
  14. Glad to see you back in action. It would seem https://rapidshare.com has been going strong so up-loaders might want to take a look there.
  15. Dazoosk


    I guess the entertainment industry padded the right pockets...Not that it will change any thing
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