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  1. xspankyxduckx

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Man it would be awesome If I knew how to do this but I completely understand why no one will share why I can still keep trying to tinker with it I have a bunch of stuff I want to get off of Amazon Prime and just cant find it anywhere so my only option is to try and figure this out on my own I guess.
  2. xspankyxduckx

    What is Playon.tv

    ok thank you. i was looking for a replacement glad i didnt waste the money
  3. xspankyxduckx

    What is Playon.tv

    Does it really just rip the video file to your computer to .MP4 or is there more to it? I been trying to find something to rip stuff like amazon, wwe and Netflix and such but cant find anything. My normal WWE Network downloader is now wanting me to pay to get the high quality rips which it wont accept my card so I have that issue as well. But if Playon does do all that for the low monthly price I would be will to get it
  4. xspankyxduckx

    HIRING: Request Section Moderator

    I would be down with it I have been around here for awhile. I do run my own forum elsewhere so I pretty much know the road and such. but yea I would like to clean that section up for sure because I know there's some request I would like to have but I cant even for the life of me begin to go through all that and know what and what not been done.
  5. xspankyxduckx

    Custom blu ray project

    Ok n a way its art because I do the artwork for these sets and I may be posting this in the wrong section its not really a request or anything haha. Im doing a huge blu ray project for myself to clear a lot of stuff off my hard drives and to do this project I need a little bit of help not much but all the cartoon sets I will be uploading on here in iso format once done. Im doing Cartoon Network by Year Nickelodeon By Year Disney by Year Adult Swim by Year and TV Networks such as CBS NBC FOX ABC CW by TV Season Networks like FX FXX HBO STARS Im doing by Year Right now I got Nickelodeon 2007 started (Missing a few Shows I Have Requested) Cartoon Network 2018 (Have Most just need help on air date because the list and episode numbers Im finding do not match FX/FXX 2018 got everything already compiling and almost done with it. and all the main networks disc 1s are almost done I will be uploading cover art in here as well as uploading links to my gdrive once each disc is done. Pretty much if anyone could help me with air dates would be awesome. Its sad to post this but these sets are not going to be for sale Im doing them for fun and for myself (but have to put that because people are crazy haha)
  6. xspankyxduckx

    Nickelodeon on VRV

    Dudes this VRV thing is a joke most of it has been released by shout factory already. and they do not have complete seasons and their services always messes up its a complete joke in my opinion. I already have most of it on DVD the only they not is Kablamm. I work at a theater and seen this on a preview and was psyched then when I actually downloaded it and seen how it was I unsubscribed right away
  7. xspankyxduckx

    Count to 100,000

  8. xspankyxduckx

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    XP haha, All Windows in their own right suck, Right now Im using 8 because my main computer decided to crap out on me and stop booting, But out of 7 and 10 Id say 10s better for sure, But Im an XP Dude for life haha. Once I build my PC It will have 10 of course though ha
  9. xspankyxduckx

    Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Kai DVD/Blu-ray Covers

    I do Custom DVD/Blu Ray Covers IDK If you would be interested in those but I have completed the Dragon Ball Set and Doing Dragon Ball Z on DVD, Lets just say I have done over 1000 covers and Im on a lot of the cover site
  10. xspankyxduckx

    Best way to download streams

    Ok so I been using Adownloader for alot of stuff like wwe network and youtube and other stuff. But its not working now and Im wanting to start getting stuff off of other streaming sites like netflix and rockstarpronetwork. what is the best and easiest program to do this with?
  11. xspankyxduckx

    Favorite Type of Music

    I would say rock I have to make it brod like that because I love music all in all but any kind of rock I most likely like soft rock all the way to black metal and more
  12. xspankyxduckx

    first movie you've seen at the theaters?

    the first movie I remember seeing was Lion King but I am not quite sure my family use to go see movies all the time so I prob seen something else but the frist I remember was lion king
  13. xspankyxduckx

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Dead an Damend its a western zombie movie acting was really bad but it was funny the main cowboy didnt remind me of a cowboy at all I would only say hardcore zombie fans should see it
  14. xspankyxduckx

    What brand of T.V. do you have?

    Sanyo 50 in plasma and a sanyo 26 in I wanna upgrade to led tvs my plasmas are really hot and the 50 in is startig to shadow a bit
  15. The longest I have played was beatles rock band from 1am to 7 am I got addicted and had to get those achievements and then my xbox crashed and my hard drive fried before i could get my achievements online