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  1. xspankyxduckx

    HIRING: Request Section Moderator

    I would be down with it I have been around here for awhile. I do run my own forum elsewhere so I pretty much know the road and such. but yea I would like to clean that section up for sure because I know there's some request I would like to have but I cant even for the life of me begin to go through all that and know what and what not been done.
  2. xspankyxduckx

    Nickelodeon on VRV

    Dudes this VRV thing is a joke most of it has been released by shout factory already. and they do not have complete seasons and their services always messes up its a complete joke in my opinion. I already have most of it on DVD the only they not is Kablamm. I work at a theater and seen this on a preview and was psyched then when I actually downloaded it and seen how it was I unsubscribed right away
  3. xspankyxduckx

    Count to 100,000

  4. xspankyxduckx

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    XP haha, All Windows in their own right suck, Right now Im using 8 because my main computer decided to crap out on me and stop booting, But out of 7 and 10 Id say 10s better for sure, But Im an XP Dude for life haha. Once I build my PC It will have 10 of course though ha
  5. xspankyxduckx

    Favorite Type of Music

    I would say rock I have to make it brod like that because I love music all in all but any kind of rock I most likely like soft rock all the way to black metal and more
  6. xspankyxduckx

    first movie you've seen at the theaters?

    the first movie I remember seeing was Lion King but I am not quite sure my family use to go see movies all the time so I prob seen something else but the frist I remember was lion king
  7. xspankyxduckx

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Dead an Damend its a western zombie movie acting was really bad but it was funny the main cowboy didnt remind me of a cowboy at all I would only say hardcore zombie fans should see it
  8. xspankyxduckx

    What brand of T.V. do you have?

    Sanyo 50 in plasma and a sanyo 26 in I wanna upgrade to led tvs my plasmas are really hot and the 50 in is startig to shadow a bit
  9. The longest I have played was beatles rock band from 1am to 7 am I got addicted and had to get those achievements and then my xbox crashed and my hard drive fried before i could get my achievements online
  10. xspankyxduckx

    Which console do you have own?

    ps2 ps3 (it is having a problem and wont turn on atm) xbox xbox360 super Nintendo Nintendo 64 Wii Sega nomad sega genesis gameboy color gameboy advance ds (had a psp someone stole it)
  11. xspankyxduckx

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    My favorite show on right now would be criminal minds favorite of all time buffy and angel and firefly
  12. I am Currently reading 2012 The Bible and The End of The World. by Mark Hitchcock 28/184 I am reading that because my fiances dad has it going through her head the world is near its end and blah blah blah so I am educating myself on this issue because He thinks I know nothing on it
  13. xspankyxduckx

    Metal/Rock Music Band Suggestions

    Ok Mayham is a great band any of their songs are good the band has quite the history behind them if you read up on them. But also Skillet - Lucy is my facorite song ever the meaning to that song is pretty intense if you read up on that to The High Crusade -Fangs Like Knives (if you watch wrestling that is the Motor City Machine Guns Band and they are really good)
  14. xspankyxduckx

    Favorite Film Genre?

    ZOMBIE!!!!!! haha do I even have to say anymore on that. Zombie movies are by far my favorites. I have over 80 zombie dvds haha I am a little addicted to them
  15. xspankyxduckx

    which vampire show do you love most? me the Buffy...

    Buffy and Angel Joss Whedon for life I love the comics as well I wish angel would have gone on at least one more ssn didn't have the story wrapped up like Buffy did