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  1. ParadigmDog

    favorite english voice actor

    Laura Bailey
  2. ParadigmDog

    Favorite Genre [Anime]

    supernatural comedy mecha harem
  3. ParadigmDog

    Best Anime Soundtrack

    The World God Only Knows
  4. Faye Valentine---- Cowboy BeBop Major Kusonagi---- Ghost in the Shell Misato Katsuragi---- Neon Genesis Evangelion
  5. ParadigmDog

    Interstella 5555

    fINALLY.. dAFT PUNK fans and anime fans coexisting together in harmony. DAFT PUNK RULES
  6. ParadigmDog

    Funniest anime?

    You all have to check out Ghost Stories.... it was such a horrible show that when they were dubbing it they threw out the original script and made a new one that is just raunchy like south park. SERIOUSLY HILARIOUS
  7. ParadigmDog

    What animes have made you cry?

    Code Geass and Fruits Baskets
  8. ParadigmDog

    How much anime do you watch daily ???

    Depends on the day and what episodes might be out but between 2 and 4
  9. ParadigmDog

    Best Animes with Less Episodes

    Golden Boy.... 6 episodes of awesomeness FLCL also
  10. ParadigmDog

    Anime To Watch When You Are Bored

    A couple good anime's that r good to watch when bored r Golden Boy or Great Teacher Onizuka. all the episodes are funny and you dont even really need to watch them in order just choose your fav.
  11. ParadigmDog

    What was the first anime you ever watched

    DBZ and sailor moon. First movie was Akira.
  12. ParadigmDog

    Favorite Anime Movie!

    I just watched Mardock Scramble the other day and i was awesome but the thing is that its a trilogy and only the first movie is out and it ended at a really intense part so i cant wait till the next 1 comes out
  13. ParadigmDog

    The series that was the biggest letdown/disappointment?

    Master of martial hearts was by far the stupidest anime ive ever watched
  14. ParadigmDog

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Code Geass r2. Um awesome. I give it a 10. Best anime I've seen in a long time
  15. ParadigmDog

    What is your favorite Bleach moment?

    Ichigo catching Aizen's sword. ---------- Post added at 12:36 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:34 AM ---------- Or maybe when that little girl at the shop beat the crap out of that arrancar