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  1. I just now realized it has been nearly 2 months since I last logged in.  I never realized how busy college full time would keep me offline.  I haven't been doing many fun things lately between that and the kids.  I have been doing well and kicking but in college.  The kids have been well as well.  Don't know when I will have time to be on a lot again...probably when the semester ends.

    1. IkarosBD


      Heh, well, my 2-job full-time schedule doesn't leave me much room to do my work here either, which includes (among other little things):

      • Keeping the backend server supporting this forum, up to date and stable.
      • Running distribution for LostYears *AND* assisting with Kametsu distro.
      • Maintaining the IRC network for which the Kametsu channel itself resides on (I'm senior-level staff there as well)


      I can't relate *EXACTLY*, but believe me I know the sort of thing you deal with quite well. It's hard to juggle it. But you know I'm always happy when I see your avatar/profile banner show up again. Welcome back! And good luck with the rest of your semester! Well wishes for you and your kids!

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