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  1. Sorry I haven't been on much the last couple days...very tired...

  2. I want to know which Clamp series are popular amongst the people here.
  3. Alice

    Which is your favorite Clamp series?

    You should definitely read the manga!!! The manga covers so much more than the anime ever will.
  4. Maybe we can become friends! ;)

  5. BTW, I want to thank you! :)

  6. That sounds like awsomeness.

  7. Alice

    Which is your favorite Clamp series?

    I would consider those as well, but sadly...I ran out of place to put answers. If anyone has other stuff done by Clamp that they like, then they are welcome to say those as well. I not been lucky enough to experience all off Clamp. Only a few...but I do plan to see the rest. @Koby Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, & xxxHolic are all excellent seen them all and read the mangas.
  8. Alice

    Thank you very much for that, Koby.

    BTW, I love the animated banner! :dhh:

  9. Nya! I am going to write on my own visitor messages.

  10. Alice


    Hey everyone, I am just simple anime otaku. I love them so much. I have quite a collection. If I had more money I would have a much bigger collection...much bigger. Anyways...it be nice meetin ya'll! It is so cold where I live!
  11. Alice


    Thank you all for welcoming me!
  12. Alice


    I am in the mountains of North Carolina...we had snow yesterday.
  13. Alice

    Favorite Type of Music

    Rock & JRock
  14. Alice

    OneRepublic vs Chevelle

    Definitely ... One Republic
  15. Alice

    Favorite "Disturbed" Song

  16. Non-anime series ANGEL...it was amazing! Anime Trinity Blood!!!!!
  17. Alice

    which movie are you going to watch this year ?

    Breaking Dawn Sherlock Holmes 2 Joyious Noise
  18. Read Last... The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: 10th Grade Bleeds Reading... The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: 11th Grade Burns Reading Next... The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: 12th Grade Kills
  19. Alice

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    I just finished "Just Wright"...I am a huge fan of Queen Latifah movies.
  20. Alice

    Anime: Who is your Favorite Bad Guy??

  21. The most messed up one I ever watched was Paranoia Agent. I watched the entire series and was still confused by everything about it. It was the most annoying thing ever!!!
  22. Alice

    Continuation of 07-Ghost?

    I chuckled when I saw this. I just finished this series...and I thought...that was so not enough...what happened after that...I want more...lol
  23. Alice

    Funniest anime?

    Definitely... BAKA AND TEST!!!! I have never laughed so hard.