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  1. some1liku

    Anime You Would Never Watch Again.

    school days had no idea what it was about now im scared for life >.>
  2. some1liku

    Soul Eater Questions (help?)

    i read the manga its monthly so its not to much reading and if you really liked the anime you'll like the manga i personally prefer manga its less time consuming than watching for like 20 mins. It does really deviate from the anime tho it is however for the best because the story ensuing is way better with some (gasp) moments i recommend it if you want to find out how it will really ends oh and maybe their will be another anime for it kind of how FMA was redone when it ended.
  3. some1liku

    Thoughts on "Romance" Anime

    That is one of the most annoying things ever (btw i noticed u placed ramna 1/2 on there never watched the anime but read the manga and it was upsetting and unfortunately not much different from inuyasha either which sucked because they were both awesome however i still wished for a little more)
  4. some1liku

    When you download Anime?

    i like to download 720p looks great and smaller file size than 1080p then i use handbrake to convert to mp4 so i can watch from ps3 and just keep them on the ps3 hhd
  5. some1liku

    Need Hard Drive Help >.>

    yeah thanks i realized it was too much for me >.> this sucks all this for an hdmi port :/ well time to start downloading
  6. some1liku

    Need Hard Drive Help >.>

    thanks for the replys but i did more intense research on this topic on ps3 related forums and what i found is that it's actual a common problem and it can't be read by a pc because sony uses a different partition or something like that (i don't really understand) but basically people have tried it but pcs can't read them the only way is too create a back-up which i never did >.>
  7. some1liku

    Need Hard Drive Help >.>

    Anyone know how to copy files from an internal hard drive? so the hdmi port from my ps3 kept falling off and i bought warranty for it so i thought might as well use it. the from the guy told me to keep the hard drive and take in just the ps3 so i do all goes well but when i try to reinstall the hard drive it tells me to update i download the update put it on flash drive to install but now its telling me the hard drive will be formatted as well and all data will be deleted :'( i kept all my video files on that hhd various movies and animes on it so is their any way to copy them before its all gone i couldnt careless about the game saves but all the time spent acquiring my media just to lose it all
  8. some1liku

    When people only like one type of music...

    thats so much music (´・_・`) Have you ever listened to all thoses songs how many days would that take
  9. some1liku

    When people only like one type of music...

    I can't stand biber he stole my girl lol
  10. some1liku

    When people only like one type of music...

    What rap song is that id like to know >.> But yeah I also listen too everything right now my fav is prob electro n stuff like every subgenre including dubstep, trance, house,drum step, dnb, edm etc. but I also love rock, rap and also some mainstream music I can't really identify I've even listened to scream-o x) yeah everything I even had a GaGa phase i loved poker face lol
  11. any1 else ever get annoyed when people refuse to listen to any other types of music because they think w/e they listen to is the best and only thing worth listening to? I'm sure ever1 knows at least when person like this is it not Infuriating? or is it just me?
  12. some1liku

    Favorite Sport

    Skateboarding I can get down
  13. some1liku

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    In abc order: Beelzebub (latest ch / funniest shit around prob my fav) Bleach. (latest ch/ getting better again full bring sucked) Boy of the female wolf. (ch 71 / woo some 1 is translating this again) Cage of Eden. (latest ch / getting kind of boring) Claymore ( haven't read for like a year / some1 needs to come back first >.< ) D gray man ( latest ch / getting boring ) Dn angel ( f*********** hiatus ) Fairy tail. ( latest ch/ it's ok ) Freezing ( 50ish / pretty good ) Gantz. ( latest ch / intensest series I've ever read most amazing character development ) Girls of the wild. ( latest ch / amazingly great prob my second fav if not tied for 1st <3 this 1) Hayate the combat butler. ( latest ch / pretty funny <3 Izumi and isumi their both hilarious) History's strongest disciple Kenichi ( latest ch/ getting old ) Mysterious girlfriend x. ( latest ch / kind of boring old good parts make me push forward) Naruto (latest ch/ want it to end already not as good as the beginning) One piece ( latest ch / also one of my faves) Rosario vampire ll. ( 20ish / kind of boring ) Shinryaku ika musume. ( latest ch/ funny wish it would have a plot tho instead of randomness) Soul eater (latest ch/ disappointed how some1 went out) Soul eater not (latest ch/ no comment) Transfer student storm bringer (latest ch / also very funny) ......... Yeah I like manga way more than anime also read a few others that are complete
  14. some1liku

    Zero no Tsukaim Season 4

    I agree too but I ment if they had actually shown it
  15. some1liku

    Zero no Tsukaim Season 4

    yeah it was awesome I only wished it would shown what happend when saito actually got home :/