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  1. ded64

    about the third & fourth hokages

    I am dying to find out how the 4th hokage became hokage and died thus leaving the 3rd. It's kind of ironic though?
  2. ded64

    Who does naruto end up ?

    I really hope that Naruto ends up with Hinata because she is very cute
  3. I no doubt will choose Naruto because he is destined to become the strongest Hokage ever!
  4. ded64


    I would say that Naruto's beast the Nine Tailed Fox is way stronger!
  5. ded64

    Who is your beloved naruto character

    Definitely Naruto!!
  6. I would agree that the Pervy sage jiraiya is by far the strongest! He is awesome and he is the one that trained Naruto and also trained Naruto's Father!
  7. ded64

    animal summonings?

    I would summon Dragons that have incredible power including healing powers and have incredible speed!
  8. ded64

    Tailed Beasts have names.

    Does Naruto ever obtain full control and acceptance by the nine tailed fox?
  9. So far I have about 10 years in playing Pokemon! Pokemon is awesome. Gotta love Oshawott!
  10. ded64

    Naruto vs Naruto Shippuuden

    I really loved Naruto but I kinda see more action in Naruto Shippuden
  11. ded64

    best five anime characters

    I would say Naruto, Sasuke, Goku, Vegeta, and Ash with his pokemon!!
  12. ded64

    Ash's Pokemon?

    I don't know why Ash let go of Charizard!!!! He is like his best Pokemon and strongest!!!
  13. I have just recenty started watching Naruto and I finished Naruto and am on Naruto Shippuden now. I am currently 18 years old. Im surprised I watched all 220 episodes of naruto in about 2 months!
  14. Back about 7 years ago I used to game for about 14 hours straight without even getting up to eat! I used to be very sucked into the gaming world! I am still but not as much. Gotta love Pokemon!!
  15. ded64

    Best Finished Anime You Have Ever Seen.

    There are two best finished anime in my opinion. These are DBZ and NARUTO!!