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  1. Beelzebub is really starting to get good, and I've just come to love the character Hanazawa over everyone else. She is soo funny, super cute, and hilarious! <3 who's you're favorite character in Beelzebub and why?
  2. Rainbow was really good and really emotional. It's probably one of my favorite yankee type anime
  3. Always in Subbed! it's way better cuz in japanese there's expressions that only serious anime watchers can understand that can't directly be translated in english well, but I'll download duel audio only if I think my dad or grandma would be interested in watching it too
  4. If you really like anime and manga, and family guy or south park. Then Gintama is the funnest anime in the world! it's a total parody anime, but it's funny as heck! it's really long, but once you learn all the characters you really laugh at like anything they do
  5. I really like having them in person, but I typically can't wait so I read them online, so i never buy, but I have 2 volumes which i love to death of the first naruto!
  6. HOLY CRAP!!! I love fairy tail! It really seems like it has no strong plot, but even so, each small plot is really interesting, and all the wizard powers are awesome to see!
  7. I hate english voice actors typically, But I think it's really interesting seeing what voice actors did what, or recognizing an actors voice <3
  8. Ao no Exorcist! it had the most potential to overcome Naruto, but in the first season it already started with some random fillers, and came to a conclusion really fast. I exceptected sooo much more
  9. Definetly either Light Yagami or L depending who you consider bad. Then either Itachi Uchiha, or Pain. both were awesome bad guys with a good conviction
  10. I agree, with light yagami, but I think misa amano was stronger cuz she had shinigami eyes, like literally, I'd like to see naruto go up against Misa, he'd be all like "my name is Naruto Uzumaki, believe it!" and Misa would kill him right there...
  11. death note! hands down, there's none better than that anime!
  12. I really like air gear too, and for the longest time it was my favorite, but looking at the story after where it ended in the anime, it really gets weird, and turns into a battle manga, almost like dragon ball z shiz. I think the ending where the anime ended was terrible, but I think it ended good. I don't think they'll make a second season cuz they would have a ton to cover, which i would love, but just seems too hard to do
  13. yosuga no sora!!! are you guys joking me! this anime is not hentai, but super close, and it's all about a twin sister who wants her brother to eff her! most sick anime I have ever seen!
  14. I think in full sage mode he's faster, but in just kyuubi mode he has less control and therefore less efficient and slower. If it was just normal toad sage mode withouth the kyuubi chakra I think he's fast with kyuubi
  15. marcusgainer

    One Piece

    Well starting it around 2 years ago, I first thought it had crappy animation quality compared to all my other series I was watching. But as the story progress it got better and the style was more evident! all the epic battles and the long journey has really put a lot of meaning into each development step in the series. I love it more than any other series now!
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