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  1. Hey ThatBoyNice247!! ^_^ So sorry for the bother, but I was wondering if you have Shiro's extras of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OVAs??? If could you please please please PM them to me or something cause I can't find them ANYWHERE!!! :( Thank you for your time!! ;)

  2. Still haven't gave it a go yet, but I will once I finish downloading Level E.
  3. I searched but no dice. Thanks for the help though.
  4. Still new to how everything works, but every time I download something it always fails at the end. Don't think I've ever had an completed download. Well so far I've only tried to download from the Tanxs Bot, haven't tried the others yet. Just wondering is it me or the bot.
  5. No, Its Epic! I think the poll results speak for themselves.
  6. Pretty much the same for me, Pure Romance and Slice of Life animes put me to sleep.
  7. Yeah Angel Beats! was awesome, what really drew me in was the music and characters. T.K was funny as crap. The ending was definitely bittersweet; I started tearing up near the end. I recommend this to everybody.
  8. Black Cat- Train "I've come to deliver some bad luck" Cowboy Bebop- Spike "Bang" and when spike was talking to faye on the last episode " I'm not going there to die, I'm going to fine out if I'm really alive". Dragonballz- SSJ Goku yelling at freiza " Allied to good, Nightmare to you". FullMetal Achemist- Whenever someone calls Ed small and his reactions.
  9. I think they should just leave it alone after Shippuden. We don't want it to turn into a DBGT, even though I thought GT was aight a lot of fans hate it. They could just show naruto older and stuff at the end of shippuden. Maybe he would do one last mission as hokage and you see everyone and "THE END" sign just fades in and Naruto says "Believe it!"
  10. Guess I'm too late, the video got removed by funimation.
  11. Great show, and the music really stands out, it's really good. I wouldn't say its not original at all. I never seen an anime where peoples weapons are whats in their hearts ( unless you count kingdom hearts); they call them voids and the main character can pill those voids from the chests, its pretty cool. Animation is top notch too. It does have that same old boy and girl love story, but what doesn't nowadays.
  12. It's really time to get HYPED NOW!!! Can't wait til this gets dubbed. Ninety-three
  13. Cool, I hope inuyasha still has the same voice; won't be the same if his voice is different. Time to get hyped!
  14. I guess it depends on the anime. I don't forget any names from DBZ
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