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  1. I was just wondering if it is possible but with out loosing quality?
  2. This was pretty informative.
  3. What program do people use make a mini encode? Im trying to shrink so anime files but i dont know how.
  4. how do you connect a portable HDD to your PS3
  5. jose408


    Whats going on with megaupload?
  6. I only own all the Manga for air gear an i just pre ordered the 20th volume for next year. I also own High School of the dead, Gantz.
  7. Its been two weeks now since my PS3 wont let me use netflix an i was wondering if im the only one with this problem an what should i do?
  8. the avengers the expendables 2 and thats it.
  9. inter, juventus, manchester united, and chivas
  10. to me it was clannad and clannad after story is beautiful.
  11. The Expendables 2 movies is going to be awesome. My favorite actor Jaun Claud Van Dam is going to be in it look up for the trailer on youtube its awesome.
  12. jose408


    Modern Warefare 3 Was kind of disappointing to me because the graphics werent that good but thats my opinion and you die with just two shots whats up with that. So i think black ops is still better. But thats my opinion.
  13. I was wondering why did they stop the anime of Air Gear because the last episode was a dumb ending. And Ive read all the manga so for and it looked like they could have prolonged they anime.
  14. if thats the case then im going to buy on blu ray because i really want there to be a second season.
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