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  1. hey dude where can i get Naruto Shippuden torrents from episode 49 in english dubbed.m new in all dis so plz help me out here.

  2. Saya

    Mother Nature

    Good one! My friends got a kick out of it too!
  3. Saya

    Just Something I Thought Of...

    Got anymore that "normal" people would find odd that I'd most likely find interesting or possibly wonderful? If you do then well post 'em soon! I'm very anxious!!
  4. Saya

    Just Something I Thought Of...

    Wow! Thats good, and like your Music teacher put it "descrpitive"! Did you like wirte that when you were high off of Halloween candy or something!? kidding... Really good though! Plus anything others find "odd" i find interesting and normally wonderful!
  5. Saya

    Just Something I Thought Of...

    That was good! I didnt know your writings before, so I'm not really one to judge. Its pretty deep and I think you're really talented!
  6. i second that! if they look we get to look! we need equality!!! (in a few things... not all, but most)
  7. Saya

    Halloween Banner!

    thats pretty good! acctually one of the best I've seen(well that is the first I've seen soo...
  8. Saya

    Nobodies or Heartless?

    Nobodies have cooler appearances and they live in a cooler world so the nobodies are by far the best!
  9. Saya

    Kingdom Hearts: Favorite Organization XIII Member?

    Roxas was ok and i dont really know the others so im gonna go with him
  10. Saya

    Donald or Goofy?

    Goofy was pretty good, and Donald kept on saying really stupid stuff which really bugged me...
  11. Saya

    Namine Or Kairi?

    Namine was pretty cool but Kairi was much better. Kairi may not be as skilled as Namine but Kairi is pretty damn cool if you ask me. Namine is able to mess with peoples minds, and thats just about it (yea she does more but this is all im putting). Plus Namine is a dumb blond! (no offense to any other blondes but she is acting like a true blond...) well Kairi is still a lot better then Namine
  12. Saya

    Roxas or Sora?

    Sora is freaking amazing no matter how stupid he acts!! Roxas isnt that much better than Sora except for the fact that he gets to use to keyblades without being in drive form... Both are pretty good but Sora is better in my mind.
  13. well if a girl does EVERYTHING you say she'll eventually get tired of it and leave you for good. girls are very fragile and if you push us too far then we go bye-bye for good. if you want a girl to like you then BE nice and dont force her to do things!
  14. The only girls you'd piss off are the preppy brats who aren't even smart enough to put the seat down! My brother lifts it my mom complains, I just deal with it by cleaning the floor with his toothbrush! A girls gotta have revenge Those were pretty good, and most of them are true.
  15. cool!! thanks for the info... i had seen the last episode of FMA and then the 1st two but now a show i dont like is on... i missed the last episode of inuyasha and the first 2, but i have seen a lot of the series already... i havent really found that many blood+ or champloo fans. my bro got me into champloo cuz he made me watch it and i like just about anything i take time to watch. narutos is pretty good but my brother gets to control the tv whenever new episodes come on so i rarely see them. we have blockbuster online and my parents are finally letting me pick out stuff so ill just rent the dvds.