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  1. I've watched Death Note 3 or 4 times, and I've watched FLCL twice. I don't think I'll ever get sick of them. I've also watched Durarara!! over, but not in order, I just choose random episodes to watch every now and again.
  2. I love Rise Kujikawa's (Persona 4) hair, but my hair is the same colour and length anyway, so usually I put it up in pony tails like hers.
  3. I think the Durarara dub is excellent. The character's voices all suit them perfectly, espeically Izaya (although I do have a weakness for Johnny Yong Bosch).
  4. If this is true, I cannot wait! I'm close to finishing Season 1 and I'll be so upset when it's over. It's a great anime.
  5. Last game I finished was Persona 4, and the ending was everything I hoped for. Brilliant game.
  6. I've recently played Persona 4 and finished it around the time the anime started. I'm absolutely loving the anime. I was a little disappointed because the art style isn't as good as the cutscenes in the game, but they are pushing them through really quickly. I love seeing Souji/Yu with a personality and I think the personality they chose is great. I can't wait for a dub, but if they don't use the voice actors from the game (especially Johnny Yong Bosch) I don't know what I'll do.
  7. In KH1 I started on Normal and played through again on Expert. In KH2 I played through on Expert and then played through again on Easy and started another playthrough on Normal. In KH2 I didn't find it overly hard on Expert, although Demyx was a bitch. No one else, just Demyx. Oh and Sephiroth, but it wasn't any harder than it was on Normal. I think I ended up defeating Sephiroth on about level 80 on Expert.
  8. I've never come across a video game soundtrack that I dislike, but I think my favourites would be Persona 3 and 4. I just love all the music. A close third would be Final Fantasy VII.
  9. I loved the manga for D.N.Angel but could NOT STAND the anime. It was terrible. But apart from that I've never come across an anime that I dislike (although I haven't watched THAT much anime).
  10. I haven't read that much manga - the only series I've really gotten into were Bleach and Death Note. With Death Note I loved both just as much as each other. With Bleach I found the voice actors didn't suit what I had imagined in my head (I read about 30 volumes before watching the anime) so it was hard to watch at first, but I got used to it and learned to love it, but I MUCH prefer the manga.
  11. I think the first manga I read was about half of a volume of Vampire Kisses. But the first manga series I read and got into was Death Note, and it's the only manga I've read through completely.
  12. My all time favourite would have to be Johnny Yong Bosch (Ichigo - Bleach, Izaya - Durarara!!) but some other favourites are Liam Obrien (Jushiro Ukitake - Bleach) and Michelle-Ruff (Rukia - Bleach, Anri - Durarara!!).
  13. I'd have to say Gurren Lagann, but mainly because of the colouring. I usually love the drawing style for a lot of anime when it comes to the outline, but I find a lot of anime colouring looks boring and dull. Gurren Lagann has bright colours and the highlights look very shiny which I love.
  14. I usually prefer the dubs. I find it difficult to get into anime if it's subbed because I can't understand Japanese and I can't tell what words they're putting emphasis on for emotion, etc. I can still watch subs if there are no dubs, but I much prefer the dubs, even if they're not real great. It's just not the same feel for me when I'm reading subs instead of watching the anime.
  15. StJimmYxo


    I just started watching Durarara!! about a week ago because my boyfriend loves it, and it is easily one of my favourite anime now. It's so well written and I love how at first glance all the characters seem to be living their separate lives, yet they're all related in the end. I'll have to take a look at Baccano as soon as I can.
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