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  1. groundindub

    Hello from PR

    Thanks lemmingllama, it sure is, made the required post and just cant get enough every anime i can think of is here
  2. groundindub

    Favorite Anime Game

    jump ultimate stars just the best ds game whit many anime chars
  3. groundindub

    Which is very old game that you still play?

    ohh gosh last night i was playing megaman 2 my ipad
  4. groundindub

    BF 3 vs. CoD MW 3?

    i have never being a fps fan but whet whit the hype i have them both and let me tell you bf3 totally kicks mw3 in every possible aspect
  5. groundindub

    Best Game Ever Made?

    Ocarina of Time and Final Fantasy VII the best games off all times
  6. groundindub

    Your Favorite Mecha Anime Series

    gundam seed, and 00
  7. groundindub

    Favorite Card Game

    magic the gathering will always be the number one card game
  8. groundindub

    Favorite Zelda Game?

    Ocarina of Time 3ds, its even beater than the original
  9. groundindub

    Favorite FPS

    i had never being into fps but when i played bf3 it totally hookme up it is a great game in my opinion the best one out right now.
  10. groundindub

    What OS do you run?

    Mac Lion and Windows because is a necessary
  11. groundindub

    Expected movies for 2012

    the avengers movie looks great, the hoobit, snow white
  12. groundindub

    What is Gil used for?

    i just got here and am asking my self the same question jeje
  13. groundindub

    Favorite Megaman X game

    x4 for me was the greatest i just love that game i stop playing x after x7 lame 3d
  14. groundindub

    First console you had?

    this takes me back to the ness times, megaman and mario
  15. groundindub

    Anime DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates!

    ohh this is great many good upcoming anime s, thanks for the post