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  1. The 2nd season's op is far bettter, though.
  2. You mean due to the appearance of you-know-who? Doesn't she look younger to you?
  3. Have been following Big Bang since the song Last Farewell/Baby Baby. Love the PV.
  4. I've pretty much been into jazz for 10 years now, although I'm not someone who can comment on what's great or not good in a particular song. It just helps me to relax.
  5. I'm into the show, surprisingly not for the fringe science, but for the characters. It's pretty hard to find a show that can carry itself with a lead female character that doesn't emphasize on the sexual aspect of the character.
  6. I think it's fair to say you have quite a lot of fake cards. It's easy to see from the shiny seal square. If you can see the words/eye in the square from every angle, then you have a fake card in your hands. The real version allows you to see them only from certain angles.
  7. Dusk

    Yuyu Hakusho

    I love the opening and ending songs most of all.
  8. The thing I loved most was the sword, the Ten Commandments. That's why my favourite episode is the one where Haru fights the Oracion Six alone and defeats 5 of them.
  9. Ayashi no Ceres. There was this one episode (I think it was episode 19) where a girl, Chidori, died and the guy who was carrying her, Yuuhi, cried. It was one of the first few anime I've seen where the plot was so serious and the voice acting was so good, it felt like the guy was really crying.
  10. I associate most shows to their soundtrack. If a particular piece of music was memorable, a few years down the road I would suddenly remember the anime upon hearing the song. For example, there was this show that I've never watched before, but sometimes when I switch on the tv, the ending song would be playing. It sounds pretty cool and catchy so I sort of remembered it. Then years later, I was watching a clip on youtube and this song was used as the music. And then I would remember this show that I had never watched before from years ago.
  11. Winry. For staying by the brothers side all the way and supporting them in her own methods. Like letting Scar pretend to take her hostage.
  12. At least 80 every year ever since 2007. Before that, I watched about 50 series. So a rough estimation would be 450++?
  13. Light, actually. Would have been cool to see him succeed and then see what kind of plan he actually had in store for the world. Near took over from L too quickly and stop Light.
  14. Nurarihyon no Mago Season 1. But Season 2 redeemed it.
  15. I think I remember seeing Old Supreme Kai saying fusion from the earrings is stronger than fusion from the dance.
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