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  1. I need a cool profile pic?

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    2. ThereShallBWing
    3. ThereShallBWing


      also along with a profile pic, maybe a background theme too :o

    4. soul


      I forgot about the background, definitely a must.

  2. soul

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Gears of war 3 Far cry 2 Dragon ball Raging blast 2
  3. Can't wait to watch the funimation dub, hopefully it turns out better then the ocean dub.
  4. soul

    high school of the dead Good or Not!!!!

    Violence, zombies, horror, Definitely a must watch. I really liked watching it.
  5. soul

    No Anime....

    I would go crazy just think about it a month with out anime, I ain't doing it.
  6. soul

    Do you forget the names of characters?

    Personally I think it depends on how much you get into the Anime.
  7. soul

    Eureka seveN: Astral Ocean

    Sounds good, Can't wait.
  8. soul

    Guys Who Have Girly Faces

    Crona definitely had me wondering when I first saw him
  9. Viz has the streaming rights to subtitled version of Reborn!, so it should be only matter of time before there's an English Dub.

  10. soul

    Favorite Anime and Why???

    Cowboy Bebop the movie was awesome.
  11. Revy because shes bad ass And just wants to shoot anyone she doesn't like...
  12. soul

    We Need a Season 2 of Elfen Lied

    Yeah it definitely left alot to be seen
  13. soul

    Soul Eater Remake?

    If they do it would make my year