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  1. Yeah, first ones art wasnt good but it got better lately ~ And plot is becoming interesting Many mystery is solved like ren's origin
  2. I want to see contination of Pandora Hearts - there is still many mystery left Skip Beat - just love the serie
  3. I like both But I will pick Death Note cuz its more mysterious XD
  4. Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Mystery
  5. Battle from Sengoku Basara and Rurouni Kenshin are best XD
  6. Yeah, I was totally shocked when I heard Haku was boy^^ I thought he was girl well, look at his face, he looks like girl XD
  7. Ghost Hunt is most scariest anime When Naru and Mai fall in hole and some stange woman came with axe holding in her hand XD
  8. Kuragehime was cute anime I especially like Kurako and Yakumo was nice ^^
  9. Gosick was best anime in this season XD
  10. I liked Tiger and Bunny Hidan no Aria Deadman Wonderland
  11. Louise from Zero no Tsukaima Explosion XD
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