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  1. ageasdg1

    Forum Converted to IPB

    nice new look
  2. ageasdg1

    Highschool of the dead season 2?

    I also hope for a second season but i guess that this never happens. They release a lot "promotion" animes for manga series... I hate open ends...
  3. Neon Genesis Evangelion => dont like the story, mainchar and animations
  4. ageasdg1

    What's your screen resolution?

    1920x1080 on 24"
  5. ageasdg1

    Best antivirus software for PC?

    I use MSE, its free
  6. ageasdg1

    Favorite Anime Movie!

    Appleseed Saga Ex Machina FMA: The Conqueror of Shambala and the Garden of Sinners (Gekijouban Kara no Kyoukai) movies good stories and animations
  7. ageasdg1

    How's your hard drive doing?

    no anime some old series, games,...
  8. ageasdg1

    Favorite Anime

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Fullmetal Alchemist Kanon (2006) Elfen Lied Azumanga Daioh The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Bleach One Piece
  9. Last book: the third Mass Effect book
  10. The Lord of the Rings => great battles and epic story
  11. ageasdg1

    What MP3 Player Do You Have?

    ipod touch 1G with 32gb
  12. ageasdg1

    X-Men First Class

    I dont like prequals, because u know the end before u start to see the movie and in most cases the story dont really match with the old (sequals)
  13. ageasdg1

    How's your hard drive doing?

    My HDDs have a total capacity of 2TB and after deleting a lot of my old stuff i had a few 100GB for refill.
  14. ageasdg1

    Encoding & Converting

    I use SUPER its free and good
  15. ageasdg1

    What OS do you run?

    Windows 7 64bit