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  1. Hey guys, I created a new song. Inspired by oriental culture, it's a slow and a calm song, hope you enjoy it as much as I do. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEGJzYd2k6c If you want to download it the link is here https://soundcloud.com/asoulo/l-o-e-a
  2. The guitar is ok. Not really my thing, but not bad. I will add some rap/rock beat. Enjoy!
  3. Hey world, Soul's back in town Eghm... Just thought to share one of my fav songs that I have done. ^^ I really like the mood it brings. I always feel like busting some faces when listening. (When I am playing on my PC) Hope you like it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFUVb_NkN34 If you got something of your own, post. And if you want to download it, here's the link https://soundcloud.com/asoulo/virtual-showdown You will make me a happy man if you do so :3
  4. Again AC/DC Good song. Let's see if you like this one.
  5. Omg, Attack on Titan... takes all my breath away after every episode, too bad there will be only 25 of them D:

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    2. Soul Z

      Soul Z

      25 + OVA maybe?


    3. DrumRoll


      yes but if you take into account its ridiculous popularity we will probably see a longer series. Especially when the manga is still ongoing albeit slowly.

    4. Soul Z

      Soul Z

      I hope so, I hope...

  6. I think I have heard this song in some movie or something. Sounds quite good. Epic song that you might heard in Sony ad.
  7. Well, now I got a vintage sickness, can't stop but to listen to old music now
  8. :/ Hard Rocker, I will RockNRoll you on then
  9. A song about my country, how lovely. But unfortunately I will break our vintage song list and put something modern Madeon - Pop Culture, sick song.
  10. Ha, what an old hit, I remeber hearing it sometime in the past xd Here is another vintage song, for Asshakers ;D
  11. That's some vintage song you got there xd. Here's a song that my head never got tired of
  12. Is that a french song? It sounds pretty good, but I just don't get a single word. xd Here is another Luquid Drum & Bass, I try to reach to sky from the bottom while listening to this song :3
  13. My favorite song from Skillet is Monster, but this one isn't so bad Here is a song that Blows me away Enjoy!
  14. Wow, he sure got a very low tone. Not a bad song, but I think without that alien back sound this song would sound better. Here is some more DnB. Enjoy
  15. Being eaten by the kitten!!!!! Where in the forum is Dark_Angel13?!
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