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  1. For me psvita is good cause of its newly grapics and its portable.
  2. It was a great movie, i didn't get bored when i watched it start of the movie until at the end.
  3. can you teach me how to find the correct delay using MPC-HC?and is cccp and MPC-HC desame or different and what is the best release for mkv extract gui?thx. sorry i didnt notice that i double post.
  4. but where i can find 'Format Specific Options' tab? i use mkvtoolnix 1.7.0 or my mkvtoolnix is outdated?thx.
  5. can anyone teach me how to sync a audio and the video? i tried mkvtoolnix and and i extract a audio from a video and put it in another different video but same series when i mux it and try to play it the people who talk to that video do not match to the audio the video is much faster than the audio and same with subtitle too.plz give some suggestion if anyone of you have an idea, thank you.
  6. thx! but is the link you gave is a summary of the series only?
  7. thx! but do you have any idea where can i download fate stay night dual audio in 720p blu-ray soft subbed?
  8. its not really a big problem but im just curious what is the different between dvd with blu ray release in anime?
  9. tekken because it is more realistic than street fighter.
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